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Update 2.2 - Into The Rift DLC - Patch Notes


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  • Boxelware Team

DLC: Into The Rift

In this hardcore add-on you'll explore the mysterious and dangerous Rift dimension. Thanks to new technology, it is now possible to send smaller amounts of mass (i.e. a few ships) into the Rifts. Scientists are now intensively researching these Rifts - and they need your help. Travel into the Rifts and uncover their secrets. Face their dangers, complete research expeditions, and earn powerful new rewards.

Into The Rift

  • You can now find Rift Research Centers close to rifts, which will give you specific Rift Missions
  • Prepare your ship accordingly to master the dangerous new environments and uncover the secrets surrounding the origins of the Rifts
  • Complete Rift Expeditions for the Rift Research Center, and receive new, powerful hybrid subsystems in return - or simply keep everything you find in the Rifts
  • Discover a new dimension unlike anything you've seen before in the galaxy
  • Remember, the deeper you venture into the Rifts, the more lucrative and dangerous they become

Explore the Secrets of the Rifts

  • Collect research data and sell it, or trade it for new powerful subsystems
  • Mine new, higher-yielding Rift rocks and refine them for huge returns
  • Explore wrecks untouched for centuries and find lost treasures

New Story Campaign

  • Meet new characters and work with them to explore the secrets of the Rifts and finally end the war against the Xsotan plague. The future of the entire galaxy is at stake!

New Captain Classes

  • A Scientist will help you collect valuable research data in Rifts that you can either sell or trade for powerful subsystems
  • A Xsotan Hunter will attract large Xsotan specimens in Rifts that you can take down for epic loot

New Dangers & Enemies

  • Master the extremely hostile environment in the Rifts
  • Fight never-before-seen Xsotan, new bosses, and centuries-old defenses - or take advantage of them

New Legendary Subsystems

  • Over a dozen new hybrid legendary subsystems for every play style

New Legendary Turrets

  • Many new Legendary Turrets that will give you the edge you need to succeed in the Rifts

Play with Friends

  • Rifts are unforgiving and dangerous. Be sure to bring a few friends and explore them together to improve your chances of success
  • Full co-op support for Rift missions



  • Fighter productions now continue for ships that are sent on commands
  • Cloning and Academy training now continue for ships that are sent on commands
  • New Item: Coop-Reconstruction Kit, that lets you revive another player in the sector (as long as they didn't respawn yet)
  • New Item: Marker Buoy, that can be deployed in a sector to mark places
  • Added more legendary turrets for players to discover
  • Added more parts to the ship & station generator (only affects newly discovered factions)
  • Improved looks of bridges of procedural ships (only affects newly discovered factions)
  • Reworked the Xsotan Swarm Event in the center of the galaxy
    • Event is still global, but the boss will spawn in a single location, if the swarm is being fought in multiple sectors
    • Once the boss spawns there is a notification for all players where it spawned
    • The Wormhole Guardian respawning is no longer dependent on the outcome of the Swarm Event
  • Improved shapes of asteroid fields (only affects newly discovered sectors)
  • Turrets are now restored when repairing ships
  • Force Turrets have been completely overhauled and can now grab objects and hold on to them (only affects new force turrets)
  • Players can now reconstruct alliance ships from anywhere at their Reconstruction Site
  • Added a new Xsotan Loot Aggregator that drops tons of loot
  • Added a new Xsotan short-range enemy that deals lots of damage in close range
  • Added a new Xsotan long-range enemy that always has a high range
  • Xsotan now have different categories with more specific weaponry, depending on distance to center (or rift difficulty)

Visuals & SFX

  • Added background visuals for sectors adjacent to rifts
  • Added graphical highlights to mark important objects
  • Added sound effects to many laser FX

Ship Building

  • Added an alternate design for Armor Blocks
  • Added 2 alternate designs for normal Hull Blocks
  • Added a new Scaffold block
  • Added a new Vivid Hull block, that has brighter & shinier colors
  • Added a new light block that can be colored
  • Added 3 flashing lights blocks that can be colored, that flash in different intervals
  • Added 3 new blocks with bright stripes
    • Global Paint, Global Paint Reversed, Local Paint
  • Added 3 new blocks with dark stripes
    • Global Paint, Global Paint Reversed, Local Paint
  • Added armored Turret Base blocks
  • Added Rift Stone blocks (creative only)
  • Added Glow Stone blocks (creative only)

Object Detector
"We changed the way the object detector upgrade works, since we found it completely unusable inside rifts, where you can find tons and tons of interesting objects. The detector is now a ping, which highlights objects for a certain amount of time, and highlights more objects. Additionally, its range was drastically increased, especially for lower rarities. It also no longer highlights objects based on rarity (ie. claimable wreckages could only be found by Exotic or higher rarity Object Detectors), but all detectors highlight all objects."

  • Highlighting of Object Detector is now a ping, no longer a constant highlight
  • Object Detector range has been drastically increased
  • Object Detector now highlights all objects, instead of different objects based on its rarity
  • Object Detector shows a notification when entering a sector, if there are valuable objects to discover

AI Factions

  • AI Factions now send a welcoming mail with a short introduction, depending on their traits
  • AI Factions now send a more specific declaration of war that more reflects their state form
  • AI Factions now chatter to player when they feel strongly about something that changed relations, for improved immersion and to give feedback on what they strongly like/dislike
  • AI Factions now have more distinct traits that correspond more to their state form (only affects new AI factions)


  • Remade the looks of the Main Menu
  • Added QoL option to mark all items below/above a certain rarity as trash
  • Added QoL option to sort all mission-related items in inventory to the top
  • Reasearch Station: Added a QoL option to auto-research trash
  • Added an exclamation mark to mission-related items
  • Added Hotkeys for top-right actions like "Exit to Drone", "Trading Window", etc. that can be configured in Controls Window
  • Improved the Hangar Production UI to more transparently show queued productions and invested resources
  • Reports of missing turrets or fighters now include the name of the ship
  • Added a Death Screen with options to either respawn at last Repair Dock or Reconstruction Site
  • Added a "Burst DPS" Stat to tooltips of turrets that can overheat
    • "Burst DPS" is short-term DPS (damage x fire rate)
    • "DPS" is (and always has been) long-term DPS, which takes overheating and cooling into account
  • HP Bars now flash when taking damage
  • Building UI is now disabled in situations where you can't build anyway
  • Several more Galaxy Map settings are now saved


  • Turret Factory: Fixed several issues with stats scaling in
  • Turret Factory: Added a button to "reroll" turret seed
  • Repairing at Repair Docks at Reconstruction Site is now free
  • Towing ships at Reconstruction Site is now free
  • Reduced founding costs of all stations by ~20%
  • Stations now require a minimum population of 30 crew members + housing to function
    • These crewmen only have to be on board, they don't need to be part of the required crew
    • Stations that don't fulfill the requirements are retrofitted automatically on first load of a savegame with a quarters block and required vanilla crewmen
    • Stations receive 30 crewmen and a housing block (if necessary) for free when founding them
    • Dev Note: "We found it very immersion breaking that so-called microstations function just as well as a big station. If you built your station just slightly bigger than a miniature ship, this change won't affect you at all. Also, all stations will be retrofitted on first load of a savegame, so you won't have to go and fix all your stations, the game will do that automatically for you."
  • Electric Damage now deals x2 damage when it hits a glowing block (Generator, Engine, Shield Generator, Battery, etc.)


  • Fixed an issue in Turret Factory where transporting it to another sector would change its blueprints
    • If you used this, you might be happy about the button to reroll seeds
  • Fixed an issue where turret designs were deleted when a ship was damaged
  • Fixed an issue where yields of ships that were deleted or transferred to an alliance couldn't be collected
  • Fixed an issue where ships with only non-functional blocks couldn't be scaled up
  • Fixed an issue where a selected entry in the Steam server browser
  • Fixed an issue where rotating a directional thruster didn't change its particle animation
  • Fixed an issue where escorting ships didn't follow a player through gates
  • Fixed an issue where "Don't show this again" checkbox for turret bases wasn't remembered over a game restart
  • Fixed an issue where blueprints could create negative costs when creating fighters
  • Fixed an issue where scaling down a design in Saved Designs window could create negative costs
  • Fixed an issue where ship could jump to another sector if galaxy map was open during loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where canceled trades between players left UI errors
  • Fixed an issue where undocking via Autopilot caused rubberbanding while station menu was open
  • Fixed an issue where jump chains could be canceled if Galaxy Map was open during loading screen
  • Fixed an issue where valid designs were greyed out in Saved Designs window
  • Fixed an issue where some Xsotan enemies could drop Avorion Scrap Metal
  • Fixed several issues with the Procure Command
  • Fixed an issue where Supply Command combo boxes were reset while open when players own many stations
  • Fixed an issue where "Transfer Vessel" wouldn't fail when the client was destroyed
  • Fixed an exploit where Ships could mine/salvage without a captain
  • Fixed several issues where players could get stuck during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where crew could be transferred to a fighter
  • Fixed an issue in Bounty Hunt Mission where target could turn friendly
  • Fixed some issues with visuals in the inventory menu
  • Fixed an issue where ancient gates had shuttle traffic
  • Fixed an issue where hyperspace marker wouldn't disappear when jumping into another sector
  • Fixed an issue where hyperspace jump calculation sometimes wouldn't start if another calculation was already going
  • Fixed an issue where automatic turrets could fire even if set to disabled
  • Fixed an issue where enabled/disabled state of automatic turrets wasn't remembered over a game restart
  • Fixed an issue where boarded ships kept old AI behaviors & buffs
  • Fixed an issue where connecting with custom ports didn't work in "Connect via IP"
  • Fixed an issue where ships could lose their class for a short time after returning from a command
  • Fixed several performance issues when starting fighters
  • Fixed an issue where sectors that were scouted with alliance ships weren't properly displayed
  • Fixed several issues with wrong captain descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where salvage command UI would show a yield of partial subsystems
  • Fixed an issue where the "Free Slaves" mission could fail too quickly
  • Fixed an exploit with Resource Depots
  • Fixed an issue where mission log in "Hide Evidence" wasn't updated correctly
  • Fixed an issue where Fidget didn't get stunned properly by electric damage
  • Fixed an issue where IHDTX remained invincible when an asteroid was destroyed only by the player
  • Fixed several crashes
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I took a recent game to test out turret factory changes. These changes are massive. Turret factories received a massive DPS/Slot downgrade. These are changes based on a sample size of ~50 turret factories These are the Tech 50 turret notes.

Telsa and Lightning cannon best DPS/Slot reduced to 20% of patch 2.0.

Launcher, Bolter, Laser, and Rail gun reduced to 40% DPS/Slot. 

Laser best charge time reduced by 90% (500 seconds-> 50 seconds)

I didn't look much at weapons I don't use end game (Cannons, Pulse guns, Chain guns) But at a glance about 40% of patch 2.0 DPS/Slot


Note that I loved the turret seed reroll button.


Tech 36 Turret factories only had a slight downgrade (~10-20%% DPS/Slot loss) but I didn't see any good Tesla turrets there either (~30 re-rolls)


Overall I would say that the Turret factory downgrades seem too severe for the end game turrets (tech 50).






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This might be irrelevant since I haven't done a full playthrough in a little while and it may have already been addressed, but I always felt like turret factories deserved a huge nerf.  I always ended up fishing for turret factories with some crazy outlier turret that dealt 10x the typical dps and could never loot or research any that could compete.  Of course I could have just not done that and the game would have worked the way I wanted it to (find good loot!), but I have no self control. 


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The issue is that loot drops are have always been bad. Actually after going over the numbers in more detail the reduction in firepower is even worse for most turrets.


The best laser I ever found was 12.5k with over 300 seconds of battery charge. In 2.2 with a 4.5k laser with a 40 second battery life (which means it will have to recharge which results in a drop of  DPS by at least half) it means that lasers have been reduced to 18% of previous damage against the best update 2.0 one. Average games in 2.0 produced a 7.5k laser so using that value 2.2 is 30% (when you factor in charge time). All good lasers in update 2.0 had battery life of 300 to 600 seconds. The best I saw in update 2.2 was 44 seconds.


Lightning, Tesla and Railguns don't seem to roll the high value weapons any longer.  Best update 2.0 lighting is 19k I found in a game (with being 12k and up normal). The best 2.2 I could roll was 3.5k so those are down to 29% (based on the average 12k versions). Also battery charge times for those have not exceeded 25 seconds. The best update 2.0 ones where around 180 seconds.


Tesla weapons got destroyed. The best I found every was 48k plasma. The best 2.2 I rolled was 5k so 10% of 2.0. Assuming average Teslas we about 22k in 2.0 so assuming I rolled average puts the 5k at 23%.


Railguns don't roll as high of values (cost wise) as 2.0 ones did. An average game in 2.0 would produce a 9k railgun. The best 2.2 I rolled was 2.3k so 25%.


Note that all of the high roll 2.2 weapons are coax which limits their use where as none of 2.0 ones were coax.


Strangely Launchers ended up about the same in 2.2, mostly due to really high value ones I rolled consistently in 2.2. These got up to 4.5k in 2.2 (coax 118 million in cost). So Launchers are now the top weapon in update 2.2.


The issue I have with DPS resuduction on this scale is time to fight the bloated hit point enemies. A update 2.0 15 slot ship averages 333k DPS which takes 50 seconds to destroy a Hard core pirate (10 million hull) (near 0.0). Taking two and a half minutes to destroy one pirate in 2.2 will not be fun (assume 33% of 2.0 ship DPS).


Why the increase of DPS is important is by using player ships as an example they go from shields around 3 million (10 slot ship) at tech 36 to 60 million (15 slot fully ship maxed out) in Avorion space. Assuming the enemies are also 20x tougher (experiences says many are) near 0.0, to keep up with the enemy hit points you need x20 increase in DPS/Slot (x13 considering extra weapon slots on a 15 slot ship). With the current turret update 2.2 data the DPS/Slot falls way short. Lasers for example go from 700 DPS/Slot at Tech 36 to 4500 (2250 after battery time is considered) for a small increase of 3x. Not enough to make up for the enemy hit / shield increases.



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> Improved shapes of asteroid fields (only affects newly discovered sectors)

It would be helpful if there was a command to force a reset of sectors. It would delete the sector data file, for one sector or all sectors, allowing it to regenerate under new rules. It should perform a check for player structures (stations, ships, satellites, beacons, etc.) and fail if improvements exist but still have an option to force the issue.
e.g. /regeneratesector [x y / all] [-force]

> Added QoL option to mark all items below/above a certain rarity as trash + auto-research 'trash'

While this is a delightful idea for subsystems, IMO the wide range of the RNG in turrets dramatically reduces the value of this feature (and IMO turns the research "mini-game" into a chore rather than a fun activity). I have *many* Common and even Petty turrets that have much higher DPS than some of the Exotic and Legendary garbage that is produced in the "Research" station.

For the auto-research thresholds, perhaps you could add two options, by rarity for subsystems and a DPS/slot slider for turrets.

For the greater problem of research being a chore, perhaps a rework of the RNG constraints such that a Legendary iron only overlaps with Petty & Common Titanium, etc. up through the materials. As mentioned in my suggestions post, I feel research (and any turret inventory) would be greatly improved by adding a secondary sort control and a bunch of check boxes for damage types. (e.g. Allowing me to see only Plasma weapons sorted by DPS/slot then by range)

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7 hours ago, TrevorJD said:

> Improved shapes of asteroid fields (only affects newly discovered sectors)

It would be helpful if there was a command to force a reset of sectors. It would delete the sector data file, for one sector or all sectors, allowing it to regenerate under new rules. It should perform a check for player structures (stations, ships, satellites, beacons, etc.) and fail if improvements exist but still have an option to force the issue.
e.g. /regeneratesector [x y / all] [-force]

This is possible using the Debug Menu. It doesn't 'save' Player Entities as far as I recall (i.e. yes, your Stations and in fact all other things in-Sector except your Ship (maybe use a Mining Drone just in case) will be destroyed), but it does regenerate the entire Sector. Not sure if "only newly discovered sectors" includes regeneration through Debug Menu but if it doesn't, you can get your hands on a brand new Sector using:

/run Entity():addScriptOnce("data/scripts/lib/entitydbg.lua")
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Thanks for the suggestion but I feel that delving into lua is beyond the scope of a game server admin. I'm an experienced IT guy but not a programmer and the guys I co-admin with are not technical at all. Folks like us would like relatively user-friendly admin tools such as the example I gave.

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Analysis of Weapons at Tech 50 turret factories (All damage is in DPS/Slot as that is the true value of a turret)


Tesla - 5k top damage with coax limits this weapon system to fighters only. Part of the reason for the low damage is that these turrets now max cost at around 14 million in Update 2.2 compared to 50 million in Update 2.0.

Launcher - With the maximum value of these weapons being 118 million (so far) in Update 2.2 they have a top end damage of around 3.5k with coax. This is the go to long range weapon for Update 2.2. 

Railgun - Update 2.2 no has a maximum of around 2.5k (Coax) damage at 30 million. Down from 118 million and 11k damage (not coax) in Update 2.0. No longer a viable weapon at tech 50. 

Pulse Cannon - No good turrets rolled up with maximum damage at 1.2k I would skip this weapon. Note that in Update 2.0 it was outclassed by other weapons as well.

Lighting Cannon - No turrets of over 25 million limiting damage to 2.5k (Coax) in update 2.2 with 20 second battery life. No longer a viable weapon. Note in Update 2.2 it could go over 60 million and put out 25k damage for 180 seconds (not coax).

Laser - Maximum damage of 4.5k (Coax) with 40 seconds of battery limits this to a fighter only weapon in Update 2.2. In Update 2.0 the best laser turrets were 12.5k with battery life of 500 seconds (not coax) costing 60 million.

Chaingun - Not enough data here. Not viable in Update 2.0 due to low damage and range. Nothing I've seen in update 2.2 to change this opinion.

Cannon - Due to maximum weapon value of 30 million in Update 2.0 this wasn't viable then. No change and less damage/slot in Update 2.2. Skip this weapon at tech 50.

Bolter - In Update 2.2 coming in at 1.9k DPS/Slot. Down from 5.9k DPS/Slot in Update 2.0. This is your only decent non-coax turret in all the weapons in Update 2.2 at tech 50. Sad that a low tech weapon is now the best non-coax weapon in Update 2.2.






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I tried playing a few rift missions with modded upgrades and object detector. It seems like the detector doesn't locate the survivor's asteroid/research vessel wreck, while the radiating asteroid would create false signal(seems like this kind of asteroids are only disturbance rather than having any value). It's likely that the mission would become very difficult without on board object detectors, as the play through is already time consuming enough flying directly towards monolith trying to find mission objects. There's certainly a need to mark different objects with different color/icon when the detector is working, or even a filtering/direct lock on function to help locating whatever the player is trying to find.

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Suggestion on turret Factories 


It seems that the design intent is to have bigger turrets do more damage. The update 2.2 achieved this by reducing the damage  a small slot weapon does. This caused a massive changes to DPS/Slot which is the true measurement of a weapon's effectiveness. A side effect of this is slow slot weapons became infective at tech 50.


To achieve both goals of making high slot weapons better than low slot weapons but keeping low slot weapons viable I would do the following


Define Weapon DPS/Slot as the following: This is the amount of damage the weapon does per slot over a fixed amount of time (As an example 2 minutes).


Formula for Weapon DPS = DPS/Slot * (fire time before overheating / Battery charge) / (firetime + min(120, cooldown/battery recharge time))

Example A: Laser that does 5000 damage per second per slot and has a battery life of 30 seconds and a recharge time of 60 seconds shows a Weapon DPS/Slot of 1666 (5000 damage x 30 seconds / 90 seconds (30 + 60))

Example B: Laser that does 5000 DPS per slot with a battery charge of 100 seconds and 120 seconds recharge. Weapon DPS/Slot is 4166. (5000 * 100 / 120)

Burst DPS/Slot is simply what damage the weapon does per slot

So both A and B are 5000 Burst DPS/Slot

Base cost of the weapon (per slot) should be based around Weapon DPS/Slot. 

A factory weapon a a given tech has a maximum Weapon DPS/Slot chosen by the designers. The base cost of the weapon is Weapon DPS/Slot * Y (y is some value in data) * slots.

Large weapons get a bonus to Weapon DPS/Slot (for example 2% a slot over minimum size). This makes large weapons have a higher maximum damage for the same cost as low slot weapons.

Extra cost multipliers based weapon range, damage type etc and possibly burst DPS


Example Tech 50 Turret data (ignore add on multipliers in this example)

Maximum Weapon DPS/Slot 4000.

Cost per WDPS (Weapon DPS Slot) 4000

Highest cost roll possible at tech 50 is 16 million (per slot)

Turret A (high roll, one slot): WDPS 4000.  DPS/Slot of 4000 with a battery of 120/120 - total cost 16 million. Final WDPS 4000

Turret B (high roll, one slot) : WDPS 4000 with DPS/Slot 8000 of with a battery of 30/30 - total cost 16 million. Final WDPS 4000

Turret C (high roll, five slots): WDPS 4000 with DPS/Slot 8000 of with a battery of 30/30 - total cost 80 million. Final WDPS 4800 (4000 * 1.2)

Turret D (middle roll, five slots): WDPS 2000 with DPS/Slot 4000 of with a battery of 30/30 - total cost 40 million. Final WDPS 2400 (2000 * 1.2)

Hopefully this is useful for you.

Edited by Gameswalker
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The auto undock feature is super annoying as batteries/activators would drop automatically and get thrown far away when the ship fly pass the designated objects, let alone how frequently the tractor beam from the dock pull the object to the side/bottom of the ship rather than direct docking...

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The tractor beam from onboard dock module need some rework. The beam from NPC stations could cancel all sideway velocity and excessive inward velocity of player's ship, but the onboard beam just pulling batteries/containers without canceling the unnecessary velocity and having trouble choosing a dock from multiple docks on the same size, making docking process difficult as the object would go anywhere but not attached to the ship.

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Rift modules


I like the new rift modules with the combination abilities. The one thing that I would ask is that the ones that give you jump range give the smaller jump range without the multi-minute cooldown as those aren't very useful. The best jump improvement modules are the ones that give short jump range plus hyperspace cooldown. The long range, long cooldown modules are only for very specialized uses (and as such should be much rarer than the other ones). 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm having an issue with the Object Detector no longer highlighting detected objects after this latest patch.  It happens in Normal and Rift space both.  The detector will ping, but will not highlight any objects in either normal or strategy map mode.  This makes finding ancient artifacts for Zach's research impossible.  Any help fixing this, or is it something that needs dev attention?

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