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Suggestion: Crew loss to high ship damage from explosions

An Ning


I think it would be interesting to see the amount of a ship's crew drop from damage in combat (like hp below 70% or so, based on difficulty) -particularly from explosion weapons like missiles and canons (as they would be the ones to damage internal compartments when compared to chainguns or plasma guns).

I think it would be fun to have to worry about losing and replacing crew outside of boarding actions and complete losses of the ship.

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I would definitely be down for that! When I attack a ship, I usually try to split it in half by focusing all my firepower towards the middle if it was doable. When it splits, I like to think i'm cutting their life support and essentially killing all the people near the now ripped open ship. It would definitely help with boarding as well.

Though, it does sound a little tedious having to replace crew over and over again. It's mostly just the thought of having automated/captained ships in faraway sectors doing - InsertTaskHere, then suddenly they get attacked and lose 50% hp and half the crew (example). I'm sure there would be a way to compensate this though.

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