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Focus Block - Coaxial focus / Coaxial turrets in general



I have noticed that the moment you put a coaxial turret on a ship, it gets smarter.  It points that coaxial towards its target and things its shooting at die faster. This isn't because its pointing a bigger gun. It's because it isn't whippeting around like a dumb butt. I've watched my ships without coaxials spin around, get dumb, point most of guns away from baddies for minutes at a time until the enemy maneuvers into its firing arc. In fleet operations, that's very, very bad.

Presently, you cannot get a coaxial turret that is less than 5 slots, and 6 slots is the norm. Naturally, that means that only larger ships can have a coaxial turret. 

Add a new block to the game--its invisible, doesn't have a "material" to it (or is just by default 0 avorion to place) and can be placed anywhere. The surface that it is placed upon is the plane/surface that the ship will deliberately point towards the ship it is attacking, just as the AI does with coaxials.

Additionally, or as an "or", allow turret factories to convert turrets into coaxials (as well as coaxials into regular turrets), and remove the size restriction so coaxials can be 1 slot. Its already in the game (admin mode can produce 1slot coaxial chainguns for instance), but having it so that nothing changes until/unless a player goes to a turret factory to convert a turret could be greatly beneficial and might be easier than adding an invisible "coax" block.

Alternatively, perhaps a "tactics" option for each ship/group would be something that could be considered?

Aggressive/Dagger--Ship will close to tight range (lowest weapon's range) and engage (<3km)

Aggressive/Assault--Ship will act like it has a coaxial weapon on the point of the ship (determined by engine direction) (Approx 3km)

Aggressive/Bombard--Ship will close to a point in which a majority of its weapons are in range (>3km)

Defensive-Passive/Bombard--Ship will attempt to keep at longest weapon's range (>6km)

Defensive/Retreat--Ship will put as much distance as possible between itself and enemy ships (Xkm)

Neutral--Ship is a honey badger, honey badger don't give a 

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