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When you are selecting a ship, there is one option for "convert ship to x material" and then a secondary "convert unavailable to blank hull"

This needs a reconsideration.

"Convert ship to X Material" followed by "Convert unavailable blocks to Y material below X," and then "convert all remaining unavailable blocks to blank hull or framework"

So if I'm trying to down-convert an avorion ship to trinium for instance, shields and gyros and whatnot will change to trinium. What about inertial dampeners? Blank hull. Those should downgrade to iron by default. Or an avo/ogo ship to naonite--same for the inertial dampeners, but any armor (ogo) should have an option of downgrading down to titanium instead of right now, where "convert to blank hull" results in a smooth armored ship turning into an ugly brickabracabricks.

Further, adjusting the number of slots the ship takes should have more options, up to +/- 4.

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I really want this too. It's nice that this feature exists but sad that it's working the wrong way right now.

The downgrading should give the options to ONLY downgrade materials above the selected, and also replace with framework instead of hull. Way easier to find afterwards which is a 'placeholder' and which is part of the ship design.

And for the slot scaling, I'd even say +-5. Otherwise you couldn't even use your S15 design at Xanion... And I'd have loved to have my S12 already back at Trinium.

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