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Suggest a more complex relationship/mission system

An Ning


Posted (edited)

I would find it interesting if, in addition to the "good/bad/neutral" relations system the player has with factions, if the missions that players were offered were based on a mission reputation stat that the player has as well (which is a factor of missions taken compared to missions abandoned, failed, and completed successfully). Like they have a stat for their delivery, sourcing, and combat missions and the higher their stat for each of these, the more (and more valuable) missions of these types they are given.


Oversimplified Ex (a -5 to +10 scale where proceeding to higher numbers on each end of 0 becomes progressively harder):
Delivery stat: 3 (player has taken 3 missions, abandoned 1 -causing a penalty, but not as large as a failed mission penalty, but completed 2 successfully). player will get offers for medium-paying deliveries
Sourcing stat: -1 (player has taken 4 missions. completed 1, abandoned 1, failed 2. player is unlikely to be offered sourcing missions except for very low profit margins)
Combat stat: 7 (player has taken and successfully completed  17 combat missions. Stations are eager to give combat missions including "Wanted" missions and war missions), and pay well for them.


This wouldn't replace the current diplomacy system, it would just be an add-on to it. The relations with a faction would still determine whether they talk to you, the prices they offer for trade, etc. This would only impact which missions of which mission type the player is offered, if the player has the diplomatic relations to be offered missions.

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