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Fleet Formation

Herald of Silence



I think this would be a pretty cool feature to have since it would make the game feel more immersive. So far, I've been enjoying the fleet aspect of the game, and the addition of captains makes it much more exciting. However, I think the ships act a little too dependently and independently. For example, when my fleet jumps out of warp, I want them to stay in formation since it makes the ships look more imposing, and it can make for some effective strategies (Phalanx, V-Formation, Aggressive, Defensive, etc.). Instead of them behaving like freelancers, they should act like disciplined commanders of an empire. This leads to some other options.

- This command can be toggled on and off. This would add some flavor to the players' playthrough. They can be pirates with no semblance of order (The combat we have so far), or they could be a galactic empire with an understanding of military training and protocol. This would make all except for the pirates factions to have fleet formations.

This would also be a great alternative to the command "Escort Me" since instead of your ships simply following you (Usually with all of them ending up staring at the rear of my ship), they are "a part" of you so to speak. They understand that you are the flagship and are to be protected at all costs. You are the heart of the fleet, not a sponge for enemy fire (Unless of course you want it to be like that - in this case, the V Formation).

Not sure if this was already talked about and all of this was for naught, but if this could be implemented, then awesome!

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