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NPCs should never forcibly seize the attention of the player. Use the hailing system.

Seamus Donohue


There have been several occasions when I'm doing something in a civilized sector when I abruptly lose control and an NPC says to me "Pssst.  Hey, you.  We've got a little pirate problem in this area.  If you could thin them out for us, we'll make it worth your while.  Trust us, our gratitude can be very useful to you."  (Recalled from memory; I don't have the exact text in front of me.)

This is a bad interaction because sometimes I'm in the middle of something.

* This has happened at least twice while I was trying to maneuver around asteroids.

* This has happened at least once while I was maneuvering to dock.

* This has happened a few times while I was fighting off a pirate attack.

* This happened yesterday while I was fighting the system defense forces.  (The local faction started off being at war with me when I first met the faction, so I decided to wage war against them.)

These NPCs should instead be using the hailing system, just as The Adventurer does.  "So-And-So is hailing you.  [Enter]: Accept [Delete]: Reject"

I haven't lost a ship due to this issue, yet, but it's only a matter of time.

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