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Advanced blocks on shipyard craft

An Ning


Posted (edited)

I've been saying this for a while now, but: Fighter Factories in iron, titanium, and naonite sectors make no sense, neither do most of the fighters they offer for sale.
This is because by the time you get fighters, an iron mining fighter is practically useless -you are at the very least in trinium mining and production.


SUGGESTION: Make available highly expensive craft with advanced parts in shipyards.
This would mean that you could buy craft with, for example, shields, or a carrier that actually carries things because it has a hangar while in the iron sectors. Due to the (relatively) new tech tree, this would not break the game, as the player would not be able to do anything with the materials if they remove the item because they cannot rebuild it themselves (they can at best rebuild a ship around the item they bought the ship for), and it would not be a viable way of sourcing materials in the early sectors, as the price would be very high.

This would enable rare encounters against lightly shielded craft or carriers while in early sectors, allow the player to have access to fighters (by purchasing them) at lower tiers, AND make the existence of fighter factories in titanium regions (and iron/titanium fighters in general) logical.

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