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Letter of Marque when given military missions

An Ning


I got paid 300k to help one faction fight a battle against another faction.

Naturally, the end result is I am now at war against that faction -given I had decent relations with them beforehand, the 300k doesn't really seem to cover the relations damage I took (especially given that to fix it I have to pay a few million).


I suggest that either on military missions, you be granted a "Letter of Marque" for fighting in the sector of the mission where your relations with the other faction won't drop to "at war", or that you get an upgrade that prevents your ship from being identified for X minutes (before being destroyed) so your actions don't hurt your relations.

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This is a great idea. This could also be applied for "this sector is under attack by another faction!"

Perhaps a Smuggler Captain being on board/as the captain could hide your ship's identity, fight off the invaders (even if you're allied) so that you don't suffer ill relations.

Realistically, if I were the faction being attacked and I saw my "ally" just sitting there doing nothing, I might start shooting at them as a foreign combatant or a spy if the relations were bad or hostile.

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