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Fix trade, Sell commands!



While 2.0 was a pretty controversial update and I prefer the functionality of 1.0 much more, I do like a lot of aspects of 2.0 and hence I prefer it overall alongise the 1.0 orders mods. However there is a big gap still left by 2.0 that mods dont and cant fill.

Trade. As trade exist now, supplying factories is the only aspect that actually feels like trade. The buy and sell commands feel identical to the mining command for something that should be very different. 

The entire fun of trade is finding stations with a demand and finding stations with a supply and meeting those needs. The current system doesnt offer this at all and really alienates trade centric players like me who want to play 2.0 and enjoy the new features but have to sacrifice the most appealing part of the game. The trade missions are even worse feeling like Expeditions but with a different title. It's basically the exact same command.

My suggestion is this, make the buy command and sell command work the same way the supply station command does! Issuing a buy command will let you select what product to buy and from what station with multiple products being an option and the sell command the same but.. .well, selling! The command should be an improvement from 1.0 like the supply stations command was, not a complete gutting like it feels like now.

I strongly hope the devs will consider this as it is the ONLY thing holding back the pre 2.0 crowd from using the 1.0 orders mod and being happy. I know several people who either wont play on my server because its 2.0 and killed trade or wont buy the game at all. Please consider this as it can only be a positive addition to the game.
For those that want to just click a square and forget? Make it an option. Simple procure and advanced procure, simple sell advanced sell, everyones happy. New players get a simple system and veterans get the depth we want from trade.

With these changes it would make sense to make the trade command be a combination of the procure and sell commands telling ships to source from x factory and deliver to y. In addition you could source from your own stations making the trade command an easy way to distribute your goods!

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