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Suggestion: Loot Wreckage Mechanic (separate from salvage mechanic)

An Ning


Posted (edited)

Let's face it, wrecked stations that you come across are usually not worth even doing anything to: You salvage it for almost an hour for a hamdful of copper and titanium.
Wrecked ships are a little better -they're faster to salvage and you get more for the time you put into it (not to mention better chances of finding useful items or upgrades).


Something that would make not only finding wrecks and piracy more fun (and viable, for the latter), but also add in a bit of flavor, would be the ability to dock with wrecks and send security teams in to search them for loot.
The security team might find nothing, or might find cargo/money/upgrades, or a survivor asking for transport to the nearest friendly sector, or might find a pirate trap that ambushes them and tries to overpower their way into your ship to hijack it.

In my opinion, this sounds kind of fun and adds to things I can do when flying through sector after sector trying to get to where I want to go.




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