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Less Zoomi More Boom

An Ning


A passing thought of mine: I would like to see my big ships have more lumbering fights full of guns and explosions than the current zip around and maybe eventually hit something fights.

I mean it makes sense for a smaller ship that has lighter armor to be something that darts in and out, but the way engines work in this game, it's easier for the larger ships to be far faster and more maneuverable.

The easiest way I could think of to accomplish it was by changing boosting itself.

Rather than having it be a function of normal engines, I'd suggest that boosting be controlled by its own engine blocks which have a reduced speed increase as ship mass increases, and which decrease maximum speed while weapons are in use.

This would make it easier to have faster smaller ships while larger ships tend to be more lumbering in comparison, and decrease the overall speed of ships in battles (this would also prevent larger ships from easily outrunning fighters in combat)



Just a passing muse I thought I would write down here and see what people thought of it.

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