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Make forward thrusters work when flight assist is turned off



Please make forward thrusters function properly when flight assist is turned off.

I understand that you might want to mitigate players from habitually using forward thrusters as their main means of slowing down from fast speeds instead of flipping the ship, but it also leads to inconsistent behavior that's quite frustrating when I play. Specifically, when I'm in a smaller mining ship and I just want to move from asteroid to asteroid, or be able to dock at stations with finesse, it's extremely frustrating that when flight assist is off (which it is quite often for me because I like to manually maneuver my ships), only 5 of the of the 6 possible thruster directions function properly, and my ship is literally unable to stop itself even when moving at only 1 m/s.

As you can see in the attached video, I'm moving at ~2 m/s, holding reverse the whole time, but it's completely ineffective. It's only when my ship slows to 0 m/s that I am finally able to utilize my forward thrusters. Not only is the number of effective directions inconsistent when flight assist is turned off, it's also inconsistent with when it can be utilized (which is only when a ship's forward velocity is 0 or negative, then it functions just as you would expect it to). You can also see, as I demonstrate in the video, that it's silly to have forward thrusters function this way when turning the ship sideways to slow down achieves the intended goal, with the added annoyance that you had to turn the ship just to slow down in the first place.

Again, please make forward thrusters function the same way that all other thrusters work when flight assist is turned off. It's not like it would be a balancing issue and while I'm sure others like myself have built habits to work around this strange functionality, it would be very nice to be able to do what feels natural instead of using funky work-arounds.

I love this game, as much as I love ETS2 for the ambient tasks I can do like mine and haul freight. However, as silly as it sounds, this inconsistency is enough to put me off playing for months at a time, and I'd like for that to change.

Please consider this request seriously. Again, it would hurt nothing, and would not bother any (reasonable) person to make it consistent in this manner. Make it a toggle if someone really wants to be that person that doesn't want it to be consistent. Want money for it? I will literally give you a couple-hundred USD for the dev time spent on this to be fixed if that's what it takes. Heck, I know C, Go, and Python and would do it myself, whatever the language, if I had access to the code.

Thanks for hearing me out,


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