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Reinstate the old command system in addition to the new one.



There are certainly some things to like about the new command system, such as how you can order ships to find goods that you might not be able to get otherwise and how you can easily leave miners to work on their own with the miner commands. On the other hand, its not exactly fun when you have a R-mining ship in a sector and have to switch to it in order to refine ores. It might not seem like a big deal but when it comes to managing fleets stuff like this matters.

Thank you for your time. 

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Aye, with the old command system you could have a ship mine the asteroids in a given sector and then automatically refine ores (if needed) once it's hold got full, instead of needing to find a whole bunch of good sectors in a single spot AND take 3x longer than it used to be. That and/or also enchaining commands in the strategy mode/view so people that are sector in can specifically direct miners to multiple desired asteroids in a row instead of having to wait for each and every asteroid is completely mined before being able to order them to the next one. (should also mention that the auto-pilot/strategy mode AI likes to move on early when titanium 'roids and other large chunks break off, which means that half or more of an asteroid can be completely ignored/forgotten, resulting in a very early order completion) 

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The 1.0 system needs to be put back for minor operations. 

The 2.0 system works amazing for large mining fleets (eg mine is doing 5mil/hr for trin at the moment) without me needing to pay attention. but for smaller operations? Nah, its awful. 

It DOES do wonders for server stability, particularly mining fleets with fighters, but early on you dont need a 5 hour op to get 1 hour of materials, nor do you want it. It is quite simply an awful waste of time. A balance must be struck.

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