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Linux Dedicated Server: Listening port not opening


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I've been having a super awesome issue with setting up a dedicated Avorion server on Ubuntu 20.04. Simply put, the server does not open the primary listening port. I've hosted many different kinds of servers in the past. To the best of my knowledge the Avorion server has everything it would need to be a happy little server. I only have a problem with the listening port. Everything else seems to work. The ports for steam, RCON, and internal query are working perfectly. When I run the server the terminal output confirms the server has loaded everything in the config file. My favorite part of this whole issue is the terminal output shows the server is using the listening port in the config, but when I print a list of active ports on the system the output reveals the port is not open😂.

I forgot to mention it above, but my firewall is setup for the ports.

I hope my tone is well received. I'm not mad or anything. I just wanna have a friendly discussion.

I have no idea what my problem is. Hopefully somebody has an idea. I'll upload some terminal output down below. You can request additional terminal output if you want.

I lied, some of the terminal output will just be pasted instead of uploading screenshots.

[Distribution info]

Output from lsb_release:

  • Distributor ID:    Ubuntu
  • Description:    Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
  • Release:    20.04
  • Codename:    focal


Status: active

To                                      Action          From
--                                       ------            ----
27015:27030/tcp            ALLOW       Anywhere                   # Steam ports
27015:27030/udp           ALLOW       Anywhere                   # Steam ports
7776:7779/tcp                ALLOW       Anywhere                   # Avorion Server
7776:7779/udp               ALLOW       Anywhere                   # Avorion Server

[Ports opened by Avorion]

AvorionSe 281283            root   18u  IPv4 1884992      0t0  UDP *:27020 
AvorionSe 281283            root   21u  IPv4 1884997      0t0  TCP the.mcbasement.com:44533-> (ESTABLISHED)
AvorionSe 281283            root   25u  IPv4 1907796      0t0  TCP *:7777 (LISTEN)
AvorionSe 281283            root   32u  IPv4 1894174      0t0  UDP *:27003 

[Config file]


[Server Log]


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