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This can be accomplished by moving the Avorion save directory to your other drive, and replacing it with a symbolic link at the original location, pointing at the new location on the other drive.

I don't have a Windows machine to test with, so I can't be sure the paths are correct, but the steps will be something like

  1. Move AppData\roaming_or_whatever\Avorion\galaxies to your other drive.
  2. Open a terminal (powershell? Windows Terminal?  IDK what they use these days.) and navigate to AppData\Avorion (the command is "cd").
  3. Create a Directory Symbolic Link from "galaxies" to wherever you moved it.  The command will be something like "mklink /d galaxies E:\games\Avorion\relocated_saves\galaxies". (Depends on where you put it, of course.)
  4. Verify that following the expected path to the savegame folder (AppData\roaming_or_whatever\Avorion\galaxies) in explorer shows your saves, same as it did before.
  5. Open Avorion and verify that it finds your saves.
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