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QOL List - Suppressors, Spin, Ships, Escorts, Gates, Compasses, HUDS



  • Sector Suppressors - Add a "self destruct" option to these devices.
  • In the ship weapons menu, a "stop auto spin" option. The ship---why does it spin? Does it have to spin? Can we default it to not spin and add a "spin" toggle? With it constantly spinning it makes it more difficult to properly set turret groups based on where the turrets are on the ship.
  • A "Set to solid block #" option when resizing a ship. Meaning the ship will resize to X% +/- whats needed to drop it to a 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, etc block sizes instead of getting a .49999998 kind of stuff.
  • "Vessel X in Sector y:z" under attack! This is useless, as half the time you arrive just in time for your ship to go kaboom. And if you don't have any ships in range you're extra screwed.  Yes, "run with escorts" seems like a "fix" but also not if you're limited on how many ships you can have. In all honesty, the chance for ambush should be lowered. It has become more of a chore to try and rescue these ships than anything. You know that they're probably going to die anyways--so really, why bother?
    Even WITH an escort they can get nailed. I've had a trade ship get destroyed with four 15-slot ships sporting 50k dps in system and the trade ship still got nipped. Why? Probably because the captains of those battleships are too dumb to move within range. This part of the game is very broken. 
    • ^"Alert Fleet" - A new command for escort ships that you can set to escort outside of the normal escort function. Allows you to regionalize an entire flotilla or fleet for a region based off of the lowest ship's jump range x 2 up to a max of 40 sectors wide. So any time you get a "vessel is under attack" you can have a follow up "escorts en route" and hopefully have something happen that way.
    • ^When your trade/mining/salvage/etc ship has escorts, perhaps make it so the escorts are actually close to the ship they're escorting? (within 5km) Coming in to the sector to find your powerful escort ship is 50km away from your trade ship and your trade ship is at 35% health with shields down doesn't really help, and basically means escorts are worthless until this is resolved. (Its happened quite a bit exactly like this.)
    • There is a bug with escorts where even though you sent a ship with an escort, it does not appear on the map, but appears in sector. If you jump into sector, it is [every time] way too distant to be of any use to the fight or to attract fire.
  • Ancient Gateways---mark them W/NW/N/NE/etc, or add a compass to the HUD.
    • ^Add a compass to the HUD. This line at the top that shows N E S W, and a side line that shows +/- or Up/Down, which would also help figuring out which way is "up" when positioning stations and knowing how to rotate in system to be "proper star trek everyone seems to always face the same direction" kind of thing, where the compass is based on the ships forward trajectory and not the camera.
  • Add a "Specialization Tab" next to subsystems for a new type of subsystem.
    • Allows you to turn ships into a variety of different types for special area/fleet bonuses.
      • Command Ship [Module Type Enhancement] (Does not stack)
        • Increases fire rate for fleet  2/4/6/8/11/15%
        • Increases range for fleet 2/4/6/8/11/15%
      • Resource Hub [Module Type Enhancement] (Does not stack)
        • Increases harvest efficiency for fleet range increase .25/.5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 km)
        • Increases harvest efficiency 2/4/6/8/11/15%
      • Repair Specialists [Module Type Enhancement] (Does not stack)
        • Increases repair rates for fleet (unarmed weapon mounts)
        • Increases hull and shield regeneration rates for fleet (passive)
      • Military Transport [Module Type Enhancement]
        • Academy trains boarders at an enhanced rate
        • Boarders cost less to maintain
        • Boarders board more efficiently per shuttle
        • Boarders gain skill at a faster rate
      • Titan [Module Type Enhancement]
        • May only be equipped on one ship (ever) (can still be removed and switched to a different ship)
        • Ship speed decreased by 35%
        • Ship hull points enhanced by 65%
        • Ship shield points enhanced by 65%
        • Ship's weapons range enhanced by 25%
        • 5% Increased Hull/Shield points based off of material used to create hull/armor/shield blocks (iron 0, titanium 5, nao 10, etc)
        • All maneuverability aspects are cut by 40%
        • All repairs to this ship both internal and external are decreased in efficiency by 50%
          • Why is a moon attacking us?
        • If Titan is lost, it is gone for good.
      • Dervish [Module Type Enhancement]
        • The ultimate in combat maneuverability. Your ship can bloody dance. Incoming fire? Dodgy McDodgy Face. Think "Descent," Except with a capital ship. With this module, it could be possible to have a massive ship with insane mobility. These bonuses apply from base values but apply after ship mass is taken into consideration, but there's other downsides:
          • Ship Thrusters boosted by 100% - 5% Per extra slot (max increase for 15 slot ship is 25% boost)
          • Ship Directional Thrusters boosted by 100% - 5% Per extra slot (max increase for 15 slot ship is 25% boost)
          • Ship Hull decreased by 50% - 2.5% Per extra slot (max decrease for 15 slot ship is 12.5%)
          • Ship Shield Efficiency decreased by 50% - 2.5% Per extra slot (max decrease for 15 slot ship is 12.5%)
          • Cannot equip cargo blocks
      • Sprinter [Module Type Enhancement]
        • This ship was designed from the keel up to run away, to run in general, and get from point a to point b at a breakneck rate.
          • 50% Thruster Boost
          • 50% Directional Thruster Boost
          • 100% Engine Velocity and Acceleration Boost
          • -50% Hyperspace Charge
          • AI Function: When hostiles emerge, this ship automatically runs the opposite direction at least 200km 
      • Puritan [Module Type Enhancement]
        • If this vessel is made entirely out of one specific type of material, it gains bonuses based on the material itself. This means a naonite ship for example, can't have armor, and can't have inertial dampeners from iron.
          • Iron
            • Collision damage increased 100%
              • If collision damage is off, collision damage is on. For you (meaning you do damage). Be mindful of allies.
            • Collision damage taken reduced by 50%
            • Inertial dampeners efficiency increased by 50%
            • Maneuverability decreased by 25%
            • Hit points increased by 25%
          • Titanium
            • Maneuverability increased by 25%
            • Speed increased by 25%
            • Hit points decreased by 25%
            • Structural integrity fields cover 100% more area
            • Hyperspace core unlocked
            • Computer core unlocked
            • Blocks take twice as much damage before breaking
          • Naonite
            • Shield points increased by 35%
            • Computer core unlocked
            • Generators produce 35% more energy
            • Energy containers hold 35% more energy
            • Naonite assembly gets +1 productions
            • Smart hull processing power increased by 35%
            • Naonite blank hull increased hit points by 25%
          • Trinium
            • Inertial Dampener unlocked
            • Hangars space doubled
            • Academy efficiency doubled
            • Thrusters and directional thrusters efficiency increased by 35%
            • Gyros efficiency increased by 50%
            • Engine efficiency increased by 50%
            • Trinium Stone holds same mass as base trinium armor
            • Trinium Armor holds 50% less mass
          • Xanion
            • Xanion Armor unlocked
            • Xanion Shields increased by 50%
            • Xanion Energy Containers Fill 150% faster
            • Xanion Generators produce 100% more energy
            • Xanion Shields Regenerate 100% faster
            • Xanion Cloning Vats operate at twice the efficiency
          • Ogonite
            • Ogonite Armor takes 50% less damage
            • Ogonite Shields are 35% less efficient
            • Ogonite Engines use 30% more power
            • Ogonite Generators produce 25% less power
            • Ogonite Trusters double as inertial dampeners, use 30% more power, but give 15% more maneuverability
            • Ogonite Directional Thrusters, use 30% more power, but give 15% more maneuverability
            • Ogonite Turret Bases act as Ogonite Armor
          • Avorion
            • Avorion Base Hull hitpoints decreased 25%
            • All Avorion blocks have 30% less mass
            • Avorion Shields have no regeneration cooldown--are always in the state of regeneration (even with impenetrable shield module)
            • Avorion Engines/Trusters/Directional Thrusters/Hyperdrive each act as if the block were larger by +1^3
              • I think I have that right. So if you drop a 1x1x1 thruster block, it acts like a 3x3x3. If you drop a 5x5x5, it acts like a 6x6x6.
            • Avorion Hyperdrive is 100% more efficient
            • Any weapon mounted on an Avorion Turret Base has +2 range and 25% increased firing speed.
      • more coming I suppose
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Love these suggestions! Going through an Ancient Gate was always more guesswork than anything for me.

'Specialization Tab' probably won't fly, or if it did its buffs would be reduced. I'm confused how 'Titan' would be different from just installing, say, a Hull Polarizer and removing an Engine Upgrade to balance out the energy usage or to save a slot.

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28 minutes ago, AvorionCraft said:

You probably have a point on the titan.

I like to throw ideas around. =p

If you were to suggest these sorts of specializations, I think that they should either consume a bunch of power or nerf the ship in other ways, reflecting the fact that any sort of HQ unit is never really intended to do the heavy lifting.

A 'juggernaut' style specialization would be a partial exception to this.

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