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Decoration Update


Does Avorion have enough decoration options, or not?  

  1. 1. Does Avorion have enough decoration options, or not?

    • It does have enough options
    • It does not have enough options



So, you may be thinking, 'Decoration? Why the heck do we need more objects?' or something. I entirely agree. Anything a player in Avorion wants to have on their ship, from a gantry crane to radar, they can sculpt out of blank hull. Simple. However, that is not what I'm talking about. I only chose the title 'decoration' because my suggestions fall under that category.


  1. Make holograms programmable, with sliders for transparency / opaqueness and an option to set a keybind to 'Toggle Holograms' outside Build Mode.
  2. Add a new type of block, the 'Spinner', which consumes about 50W of energy and spins at a set rate. It must be directly controlled or set to a specific spin speed. The addition of this block will allow players to make spinning radars, strobe lights and much, much more.
  3. Add a new type of block, the 'Hinge' which consumes about 50W of energy, and moves within its range of motion. It's programmable to perform certain movements in sequence, or loop one movement. This would allow players (and the AI) to add things like hangar bay doors, robotic arms, wings to fanciful craft, and the like.

Now, the first thing I thought was ''Of course, people will exploit this in building ships that can hinge on their own axes." The easiest way to avert that from happening is to restrict what kind of blocks can be fitted to the end of a Spinner or Hinge; essentially, only non-functional blocks. So, that means no weapons, no engines, no generators, no gyros, no thrusters. One thing you can add, however, is Spinners/Hinges on the end of other Spinners/Hinges. This would allow multi-jointed movement to things like robotic arms. The last exception is docks. They can be moved in any way you please, facilitating the reposition of ships that didn't dock in the position you wanted them to.

I called this the Decoration Update because while these Spinners/Hinges would not add much function to the game, imagine how cool it would be to pull into a station and see a bunch of robotic arms moving cargo crates around! Or flying past a ship /HQ with an actual spinning radar array!

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