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eXCessive Ownage[Wipe:17.01.2022][PvP] - Wiped at 12:00 UTC+1 - 24/7 [ENG/GER]


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Server is located in Duesseldorf / Germany, its dedicated and runs really smooth.. 
We are trying to have literally the same atmosphere as in EvE Online

So basically when the game standard allows you to shoot players, 
you are allowed to even from the server rules  🏴‍☠️

⚠️ Setting: 
SameStartSector: everyone spawns random location
StartingPackageContains: 2x Mining Lasers 1x R-Mining Laser and a little load of starting cash and materials
PvP: begins when Trinium starts 
PvE: Sectors Naonit, Titan & Iron 
Difficulty: Insane
Collision Damage: 1.0 


⚠️ Rules: 
no rules so far
KOS is possible when Trinium starts*

🖥️ Server Setting:
Server Name: eXCessive Ownage[Wipe:17.01.2022][PvP]
Mods: AutoResearch, Galaxy Map QoL
Password: Server is Public / No password
Savegame: Every 5 Miniutes 
Restart/Backup: 09:30:00 UTC+1
Slots: 32
Worker Threads: 16
Generator Threads: 6
ScriptBackgroundThreads: 4
AliveSectorsPerPlayer: 6

 🖥️ Dedicated
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1271 v3 @ 3.60GHz 8 Cores

💽 https://discord.gg/ca6R6xMDHW  💽 
to see avorion channel you need to grant yourself permission, accept rules and assign yourself the avorion role @selfassignableroles 

Feel free to join us and lets have fun 😎



  • Steam Direct Link (copy in your browser or steam browser to execute server join)





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