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Station "Rumors and Gossip", additional missions/mission events

An Ning


Another multi-segmented suggestion set.


Suggestion 1: Bounty Hunting
An additional capability of scanners (borrowed from Elite), scanners allow you to see if a ship/crew have a bounty. Taking them out allows you to collect the bounty from stations of the faction offering the bounty (requires a bounty hunting license from the faction whose territory you are in)


Suggestion 2: Station Gossip
When docked at a station, players are given a "rumors and gossip" option where the player may spend a small amount of money to loosen tongues, that may get the return of 1) No result (ex: "Your endeavors yield no fruits this time. You return to ship irritated at spending money to no gain"), 2) common knowledge (ex: "You are told that a pirate lord named SWOKS hunts in the Iron and Titanium regions"), 3) hints about upcoming events (ex: "You are told that a fleet is being dispatched to defend X,Y sector"), 4) Hints for the location a ship with a high bounty on it, 5) Hints about the location of "a treasure" (a wrecked ship with valuable cargo, an abandoned ship, a pirate trap)


Suggestion 3: Shifty Missions from Solitary Stations
Missions from stations where they are the only station in the system that sometimes result in a military or pirate ambush. If the player accepts the yield of the ambushers, they inform the player that the station planned the assault. The player then returns to the system and can extort or attack the station in revenge.


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