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SHIP ain't be saving CORRECTLY??


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Oh come on.

I just exit the game with a ship worth of 350k credits and lotsa other materials. When I play again - I Don't see most of details of my ship... And these details were 330k worth  of. oh. Come on. D;

Now I have nothing.

How can that happen? I did exit via escape>end game>exit and stuff. Bwah.

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  • Boxelware Team

You need to provide more information.


How long did it take to save the galaxy?

Did you get a message telling you that there might have been errors saving the galaxy?

When you loaded the game, were you in the same sector at the same location as when you saved it?

Did you still have the materials used for building the ship?

Was there any indicator that it might not have been saved at all when you exited, and that it was an older save? The server saves periodically every 30 to 300 seconds.


You should not get too attached to your savegames/ships. The game is under active development and, although I do my very best, I can not always guarantee that your savegames will work with new versions.


And please don't use caps in the captions.

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1) Same as usual.



4)No. I Builded a ship and left a game. Next time I join - main frame(Core of the ship... Details that always are in ship....) only remains while other details ... Woosh!


My details... just of iron were 250 k worth and 25k iron.

I just mined lotsa titanium(took like 15 mins for 2 fields)... reconstructed ship and left game.

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Something similar happened to me once when I was destroying a shipyard and I had to quit the game to go do something else (eat maybe, dunno?). So I exit the game and stuff and then when I come back, relaunch the game, and my ship was half-destroyed..apparently while the game was closed, the shipyard was still attacking me somehow..

Weird.. ???

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  • Boxelware Team
Pretty sure, since I've been running linux for a few months now and haven't played, only since the last release..

Still, if I can't reproduce it, I can't fix it, I'm afraid.


I was going actually to test 1 glitch.

It was projective speed glitch.

At the moment this is wanted behaviour, as it made a lot of code simpler.

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