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Question about using multiple mining lasers

Zavros Hellstrand

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My question is how the game handles multiple mining laser efficiencies when you put more than one mining laser on a ship. For example, on my mining ship when I travel through the Titanium Region I have 5 different mining lasers that are firing at a time with 4 different efficiency ratings between them. The ratings are; 68.2, 84.7, 80, and 70.4.

So, unless I'm wrong there are 3 possible percentages of the ore I'm getting.

1. The highest efficiency(84.7) with the rest contributing dps

2. The lowest efficiency(68.2) with the rest contributing dps

3. A random efficiency based on which laser dealt the damage last.

I thought this would be an easy question to find an answer for, but apparently not as I cannot find an answer anywhere.

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