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Suggestion: Rebuild Force weapon + loot upgrade

Mighty Brankor


The force weapon are useless because 99% of the turret haven´t enough power to push or pull big ship, station or asteroid. in the battle they any function.

my idea: 

- force turret can shot on ship and brake the speed of the ships (needed more range) 

- Force turret in auto-fire can catch loot like scrap, ore parts and loot stuff in range. (shooting 1 by 1)  

- add the range of loot collector (the magnet icon) system slot to the force turret fire range

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 I think this is a great idea to make force turrets more applicable. I love the idea of being able to grab an asteroid and hurl it at an enemy station. Collision damage system, the physics system, and the system of how these turrets work make them pretty pointless though. The idea of using them as a way to save a component space for picking up loot, at the cost of a turret slot, seems VERY well balanced to me. The ranges can be tweaked and toyed with to make them either incentivized or not mandatory (as in if they're SO good you can't afford to NOT have one or two). Great idea to make something irrelevant have a purpose without trying to revamp a bunch of different systems already in place, take my upvote please ^.^

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