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Newly created ships should have the option to spawn with pre-placed equipment (turrets and such)



Hello, I am unsure of the formatting here but basically my suggestion is to do one thing: 

When we build fleets, it is EXTREMELY time consuming to place every turret and every piece of equipment by hand for every ship in the fleet. 

I suggest that as long as we have both the equipment and turrets available to edit our own ship, we should be able to spawn ships for our fleet in with pre-placed equipment. 

Example: I have 8x mining turrets available to me, I want to create a mining fleet. I build one mining ship and place the turrets where I want them, then I save this design as a separate equipped ship template type so all I have to do to build more of them exactly the same way is to simply spawn it in. This takes the turrets, money, and resources, and voila, another mining ship. 

No more extremely tedious processes! This means finally fleets will be fun to play with and the micromanagement will decrease significantly. 

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I think the best way to implement this would be to be able to designate Turret Blocks as Armed/Unarmed/Defensive and have the ability to autoequip by loading the highest-DPS turrets that will fit on the block (which controls for the # of slots limits of each)  Unarmed blocks could then be subdivided into salvage vs mining.  This would allow me to use up the miscellaneous guns I have rather than having to construct exactly identical turrets for every ship.

It would also allow early/midgame players to easily upgrade as they pick up new turrets, by just swapping to the highest DPS stuff, until they get to a point where they want to specialize on specific weapons.

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