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[2.0.7] Invulnerable quest targets


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I have picked up a quest from type "Wanted dead", on this quest i met a cargo transport that wanted me to kill some pirates to reveal location of my bounty target.
After i finished killing the pirates and returned back to the cargo transporter ship, i reported my success and got the coordinates of my bounty target.
Shortly after that a bunch of Xsotans jumped in and attacked the cargo transporter. And attacked... and attacked...


Yee, i am getting a feeling you guys are abusing the invulnerability of VIP ships too much.

If you keep doing that, instead of properly programming quests the hard way and accounting for all possibilities, then you ll end up with a very shallow game, where you cannot fail quests, because the NPCs are invulnerable. You are taking away the choice of a failure.

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It got real frustrating chasing the quest Target's lackeys as they zip away while their invulnerable boss pelts me to death because I can't hit them at long range, nor catch them with engines....

My ship wasn't so OP that I could tank the boss for 10 minutes while I chase down each little runner - had to jump sector.  

Re-entering a quest sector where you had killed some, not others,... always fun when the quest script re-adds things.

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