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Seeking Guidance for Super-Heavy Ships


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So the game lets me build my own ship to mine and explore the galaxy; inevitably I built a Star Destroyer. Because; who wouldn't? 😁


One thing leads to another, and of course, I wanted to build the Executor, Super Star Destroyer. In the sand-box free-mode I made the frame and armouring of the 19km long ship; I just need the detailing and the inner workings, when I ran into a problem... how do I make it turn?


It's 19km by 5km and over 160 million tons (so far). I can strap a tiny 10x10x10 Trinium engine to it, and it moves forward [very slowly] a few m/s. Strap some large maneuvering thrusters, and I can strafe this monstrosity at hundreds of m/s side to side, up and down. But strap some 70 million worth of Avorion grade gyros in only a single direction, and the ship still cannot pitch, roll, or yaw.


Even the 10x10x10 Trinium engine can push the monster; strap it sideways and that should realistically be sufficient? Operate the strafing thrusters in opposite directions and I should be doing donuts at several times the speed of sound (I was over 300m/s strafing with only a couple medium sized directional thrusters). But no matter what arrangement I try, thrusters, gyros, or some combination thereof, I can't get my Super Star-Destroyer to steer!



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The short answer is you need to use thrusters and directional thrusters to actually make a ship turn. 

The long answer. Rotation, pitch and yaw are a complex relationship between size, type and location. I am by no means a good builder but having used super star destroyers from the workshop here is what i have concluded. Thrusters are like a tenth the power of an engine, so to easily control a large ship you need ten 10X10X10 thrusters spread throughout the ship. Location is the next challenge. To control pitch your thrusters need to be as far as possible from the center of the ship gravity front to back. For rotation they need to be as far from the center going side to side. Yaw much like pitch needs to be as far from the center gravity point as possible. Directional thrusters seem to be weaker than a single direction thruster so work better as a filler to boost a good steering ratio rather than to achieve it. 

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