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[Update] Connection Closed / Server crashes

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Hello everybody,


So it looks like the server crashes haven't been resolved completely yet. While for most people the game is running fine, we're still receiving reports from people who experience these frustrating crashes.


We are currently looking into this and this is our #1 priority.


Tomorrow we will be setting up some official servers, and we will release an update that will activate the server browser. The browser is still a little bare bones, but it's an important tool so everybody, even non-forum users can find the servers.


We will be monitoring the servers closely and we're confident that the issues will be resolved quickly as soon as they happen in our controlled environments.


We apologize for the inconveniences caused by these issues. Hang in there guys, we're doing everything we can.


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Hello devs! Cant wait official EU server! Still have this problem as topic starter said.






After update this shit happens more often...



Best regards!

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