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"Delete" function for forum posts

An Ning


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On 9/15/2021 at 8:04 PM, An Ning said:

For when a suggestion gets answered -or when you realize there is already a suggestion like it (or when your suggestion is shown to be based off wrong info)

Exactly why there should be no such thing. If a question gets answered (how can a suggestion get answered anyway?), let it remain there for reference, others might have that same question or problem.

If a suggestion gets implemented, it might be nice to see that there actually was a suggestion that led to it.

And finally, if someone notices they mistakenly suggested something that's already there, they could either post a link to the prior topic, or ask a moderator to merge their post into the respective topic.

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15 hours ago, FuryoftheStars said:

The devs can mark them as answered.

...because the forum software (which, for the record, I hate with a passion) says so.

But really, linguistically, in the context of a suggestion, I'd consider as valid verbs something like react to, or act on, or reject and ignore, but answer? Definitely not.

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