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Implement a "salvage/mine sector" command for use in galactic map

An Ning


From the galaxy map, I can select a ship, and send it across a sequence of 30 specific sectors in a specific order.

But, if I want it to do anything IN those sectors -like mine, or salvage, I have to enter the sector, give it the order to do it, then leave to galaxy map and go to the sector I want to be in. When it is done, I have to go to galaxy map (again), order it to move to the sector I want (again), enter the sector (again), give the order (again), then leave to where I actually want to be (again).


Before, I could, from the ship I was controlling, go to galaxy map, and give a chain of orders for the ship to move to sector after sector in order to mine/salvage.
This was far more efficient and streamlined -if I want to tell a ship to salvage 15 sectors, I have to do the above segment fifteen times (interrupting me whenever that ship finishes), as opposed to just shift-clicking 15 times in the galactic map.

I suggest re-implementing a "mine/salvage current sector" command for ships in the galaxy map to bring this capability back. It was much faster, simpler, and more efficient.

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