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[2.0.6] Missing freighter mission


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I was stuck on last part of the mission, to find the pirate base.

I warped into sector with pirate base.
I rushed at the low hull station.
I shot at it exclusively to finish the mission, ignoring other pirate ships.
I destroyed the station first, then other pirate ships.
The quest log still told me to find the pirates.
I warped to an empty sector, exited the game, saving it. I restarted the game and made sure that also server was restarted. I loaded the save. It still asked me to find pirate base. The quest marker was still in the designated sector, i warped in and there was no pirate base there.

I would assume that one of the pirates got the kill on the station, while i was circling around it and shooting at the station. In other words, it is possible that i didnt kill the station, but the pirates themselves did it in the crossfire.

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