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Beta 2.0.6 Feedback


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Some of this probably applies to all Beta 2.0 but I labeled it 2.0.6 as this is the version I ran into these issues


  • The new supply chain automatic moving of goods between stations is a great idea as it removes micro-management and server overhead of tracking all those cargo fighters
    • It could use some adjustment though as two scrap metal factories can't supply enough scrap metal to a steel factory. (Same issue with raw issue to oil refinery)
      • There is plenty of scrap metal at the scrap metal factories (in fact the 20k cargo space is full), it just isn't shipped anywhere near to the quantities needed.
      • Increase the transfer rate by large amount. A low level factory / mine should be able to supply the same number of production runs on the next tier factory with room to spare. 
        • Stop shipping after there is enough stored material in the target factory for N runs. I would make N 10 or 20.
  • Auto-fire turrets and defending fighters should ignore all targets that are immune (Pirate bosses, gates etc).
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