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Server Seed lost


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Hello, everyone, I discovered Avorion for myself and I also set myself a server. The seed should be produced at the first start. This happened, too. Now I noticed that the seed is no longer in the Server.ini, but only a 0. The server is actually running well. Is that bad now that there is only a 0? Can you change that without re-setting the server? Best wishes, bisib

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Oh, no, that should not happen^^ If you know the correct seed, you should be able to set it once the server was shut down. Upon restarting the server it should then use the newly set Seed to generate everything.

If not, look out for rifts not being where they should. This can lead to factions and their economy being a bit wonky, and old missions to break because their target sector is now within a rift. Other than that you should be fine to continue playing 🙂

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You can try to recover your seed from the serverlog files. They should be located in the same folder as the server.ini file. On Windows it should be here:
There should be several serverlog files. Pick one with a date prior to when the seed went wayward(should be included in the filename). Open the log in a text editor, such as notepad, and search for "seed". Copy that seed into your server.ini, then restart your server. You should be good to go.

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