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[2.0.6b] The realm of factions beyond the barrier.


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This is an old problem from before the faction map was implemented.
It still generates faction that are divided into barriers.

In older versions, there was no faction map.
Until users visited the barrier, the inside of the barrier was an unknown place.
Also, there were not many story missions.
There were also no Hermits.

But now it's different.
The background story is told in the game.
The NPCs say, "We don't know what's inside the barrier."
But when we buy the faction map, we can see inside the barrier.
Also, there are coordinates inside the barrier in the NPC's home sector answer.

According to the story, they should answer, "We no longer have a home sector. It was lost in an event long ago.”
And that should change after the user crosses the barrier.
"Our home sector is (X:Y). Even the Exotan could not take our home sector from us."
From now on, when we generate a galaxy, we need to distinguish between the center and the outer sectors.
For the sake of the story.
The outer and the central.
The center is a faction area only within a radius of 100.
The outer is a faction area like a donut in the area outside the center.


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