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  • The changes to world mining commands are going to be hard on new players in starting zones as mining ships can't be 100% safe without an escort. As there is a ship limit (resource type used to build a ship) having to send out two ships (one miner one escort) to be safe will make it harder to gain resources in the early game. It would be better to able to reduce the chance of ambush to zero if the ship doing the mining is strong enough. I.e. if the chance for ambush is less than 50% then it can be reduced to zero by 'safe' mining.
    • Note that experienced players won't find this to be as much of a handicap as they can capture ships as soon as they get to Trinium.
  • The new shield subsystem changes that are fixed value make those subsystems somewhat worthless. Most ships that have real shields (size 12+ with 600k to 8 million base shields) adding 150k isn't going to be very appealing. It's better to increase firepower by 5-6 turrets instead. If you find a good one early in the game it could help but long term they are a dead sub-system.
  • The following feedback applies to all version of Avorion.
    • Enemy weapon drops don't match the firepower of the ships that drop them. Killing a 150k DPS enemy ship should award players with high DPS/Slot weapons. Currently the only good mid/end game weapons are created by turret factories. Players can't increase DPS with skills or subsystems so neither should enemy ships.
      • Turret factories would still be important even with better drops as you can customize your weapons and/or get lucky and find an amazing 100+ million cost high dps/slot turret.
  • The fighter changes are playing out well and the cost for them seems correct for how useful/durable they are in battle. Killing the enemy carrier to disable(destroy npc) that carrier's fighters is a good feature.
  • The fighter maximum range of 3.5 is a bit of an issue as it leaves only Tesla weapons as useful for fighters past the barrier. As other weapons systems doing less damage because they are longer range doesn't work out well when they all end up at 3.5k. Straight up reducing fighter weapon range by 50% (or even 67%) would leave more variations for fighters and make non-Tesla fighters viable.
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