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Suggestions for "ship in distress" missions

An Ning


The "ship in distress" signals are fun, but they feel one-dimensional.

You show up, see a bunch of ships getting completely trashed, save them, and the damaged ships afterward say "thank you" then just.. stay there.

Like I said... fun.. but flat.


First, I suggest making the dialogue change based on your standing with the faction the ship belongs to. Here's an example:
Ally: Wow, I can't believe you came to help! You're everything they say you are! Please, accept this as our thanks! I can't wait to tell everyone about this!
Good Relations: Thank you for coming to save us. It's no wonder you're so highly regarded back home! Here. This is for helping us. I'll be sure to let everyone know that you are someone they can rely on.
Neutral: We were starting to think no one would come. Thank you. Here is something to show our appreciation. We will let others know that you can be relied on to help in situations.
Unfriendly: You may not have known who we were when you heard our distress call.. but you saved us on purpose. Maybe you're not as bad as they say. Here. Take this as a token of our thanks.
Hostile: Of all people the galaxy could send to help us it was you. Take this for helping and go.


This helps the galaxy feel a bit more alive, but doesn't help the initial problem of the missions feeling unfulfilling.

Thus my second suggestion for this: When the player contacts the ships again after the fight, their standing with the faction may (perhaps a 1/2 chance of happening) enable a second part to the mission

Ally-Neutral: Yeah, we were hurt pretty bad. Do you have any repair turrets on you? If not, maybe you could spare some materials for repairs?
Unfriendly: Look, I have a busted ship and some hurt crew. I can offer you some compensation if you have something that can help.
Hostile: Shove off! Bad enough you saved us, now you want to rub our noses in it? Get off this channel! (No further mission available)


And possibly a third follow-on section (maybe 1/3 chance of happening), also dependent on faction relation, if the player contacts them again
Ally: Thank you for your assistance, we're able to get moving again. I'm worried about getting hit again on the way to (X,Y). Do you think you can escort us? We'll be sure you're compensated, of course.
Friendly: Thank you, we are finally all under way. Without our escorts, though.... you've helped us twice already, might we ask you aid us a third time? We're heading to (X, Y). Can you help make sure we get there?
Neutral: Thank you for helping us get repaired. We need to see to our wounded before we depart the sector. (no further mission available)
Unfriendly: We'll be going soon. You can leave whenever you want..... and... thanks. (No further mission available)
Hostile: ....go away (No further mission available)

*sub-mission available: Pester the Hostile ship*
Hostile: ...I said go away
Hostile: beat it!
Hostile: We have escorts coming! We don't need you! Go!
Hostile: Stop calling us!
Hostile: Are you deaf!? Get off this channel!
Hostile: If you're still here when our escort arrive, I'm telling them to shoot you!
Hostile: That's it! Escort Group! Fry this guy!

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