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Beta Branch Patch 2.0.3 - Patchnotes


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  • Boxelware Team

"A few AI adjustments (mostly fighters) and some minor goodies."

  • Added a buyable beacon that can be deployed with a customizable message
  • Ship AI is no longer limited by range of PDCs when they have other weapons they could use
  • Self-pulling into a dock via tractor beam now pulls slightly longer to avoid edge-cases where it's just barely not possible to dock
  • Improved fighter AI when returning to mothership
  • Player fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now fly in circles
  • NPC fighters without mothership (and thus without pilot) now explode
  • Dropped building knowledge is now reserved for 1h instead of 2min

"We're adjusting fighters slightly again because this time we overdid it a little. Those changes should tone them down slightly from their current status as indestructible killing machines. We're also giving the different shield upgrades a more distinct use."

  • Increased resources necessary for production of fighters on ship slightly
  • Increased range of Anti-Fighter cannnons by 1km
  • Once all guaranteed dodges of a fighter are used, they get a 0.25s cooldown until the next random dodge can be done
  • Guaranteed dodges recharge over a period of 60s instead of 120s
  • Fighters now get (3 + 2 x [PilotLevel]) guaranteed dodges up from (3 + 1 x [PilotLevel])
  • Strong escort ships and escorting commodores now reduce base attack chance (which couldn't be reduced before)
  • Slightly reduced yields from mining & salvaging safe mode
  • The trader that is attacked by pirates no longer dies in 2 seconds
    • It's now 120s, except when you're helping them with the dying
  • Increased amount of shields provided by energy to shield converter subsystem
  • Shield boosters now give a flat bonus to shield instead of a percentage
  • Reduced maximum amount of goods available for Trade Command in early game
  • Reduced random spawn rate of bosses slightly, since people jump more often now
  • Reduced prices of torpedoes by 56%

"We're now communicating better what the different intricacies of the different operations are. And we've got a brand new scenario selection for Singleplayer games! Apart from that: More UI QoL and other good stuff!"

  • Improved UI of operations
    • Colored price percentages of sell command
    • Added better communication about sell command prices, captains and trading subsystem
    • Added a warning sign to sell command for dangerous or otherwise problematic goods
    • Added better communication about procurement contract prices, captains and trading subsystem
    • Scout operation now communicates which hidden mass sectors the captain will uncover
    • Refine operation now communicates speedup through a nearby owned resource depot
  • Added a new scenario selection UI for singleplayer games
  • Added a slider to configure loot highlighting (starting at which rarity)
  • Added filtering by ship & station in the fleet overview
  • Context menu in ship weapons overview is now disabled when in drone
  • Added a 'Travel Hub Blue' color for Travel Hub beams
  • Added an encyclopedia line to Travel Hub entry on how to build the beams in player-owned Travel Hubs
  • Added little markers to turret icons for the different slot types
  • Improved text for leveling of captains
  • Added a loading screen tip for turret placement, to avoid unfortunate placement of turrets on the front of the ship
  • Added a hint for turning dead zone of turrets, to avoid unfortunate placement of turrets on the front of the ship
  • Building mode orientation arrows are now no longer rendered if UI is hidden
  • Added keybinds to move main plane in Strategy Mode
  • Tag icons set in name of alliance are now shown on map
  • Assigning a captain no longer triggers the passenger notifications
  • Assigning from/to vanilla crewmembers will no longer trigger a notification
  • Added loading screen tips about several intricacies of operations
  • Energy Tab is now more compact and fits on screen for lower resolutions


  • Added debug output to find some bottlenecks
  • Fighter engine trails are now longer when boosting on particle setting "High"
  • Added a hotkey binding to select own ship (unbound by default)

"No patch without some good old bug fixing! As usual, User Bug Reports that were submitted via our bug reporting tool are marked with [UBR]! Thanks to such a great community and keep it up!"

  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where Xsotan artifacts didn't stack in inventory
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where several bosses didn't react to alliance ships as enemies
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where loot transporter wasn't set as a friend during dialogs in mission encounters
  • Fixed an issue where faction languages could degenerate when saving
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the adventurer could change names
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in a Family mission when there was no associate
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighters could become slightly too big (ie. monstrous)
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where it was possible to send a ship into background simulation even though it had a durability malus
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fighter models could be too small
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships sometimes used repair turrets on enemies while attacking them
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where a resource depot's icon wasn't properly set even though it had missions available
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where block textures weren't rendered correctly in UI
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where tooltips of escort ships weren't translated correctly
  • [UBR] Fixed some wrong tooltips in captain tooltip
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in crew tab where text could read 'due in 0 seconds'
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where "Pirate Raid" mission could get stuck when there were too many holo blocks on the ship
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the Sell Command could show the wrong prices
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the map could be opened while in build mode (or paused in general), causing problems and making the game hang
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where the highest price of a good in Sell Command never went into negative regions
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues where missions didn't yield reputation when doing them in an alliance ship
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships could get stuck for a certain time during mining and salvaging
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where ships returning from background simulation would drop cargo when having cargo subsystems installed
  • [UBR] Fixed loot not being synced when reservation values are changed
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in auto fire mode where turret didn't attack currently selected target
  • [UBR] Fixed some issues in localizations
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues in search and rescue mission:
    • Spawned wreckage can no longer have captain logs with conflicting dialog
    • [UBR] Dialog option to give information is no longer shown on any ship or station
    • [UBR] Location bulletins are now immediately updated if correct sector was found
    • Only correct sector is now marked as target location if correct sector was found
    • Added description line to tell player what to do with the wreckage
    • Wreckage of search and rescue is now constantly chattering to emphasize auto message system the dialog talks about
  • [UBR] Fixed several issues where legendary turrets had wrong crew members
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue in trade command where doing 2 consecutive flights caused double the profit even if it was just 1 more good being transported
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where players could have bad starting relations to their home sector faction
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where destruction of pirates or Xsotan didn't give reputation when other factions helped destroy them
  • [UBR] Fixed broken display of stats in shipyard
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where player to player damage could still happen even when disabled
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where fire power of a ship didn't update properly when all turrets were removed
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where turrets could show up in System Upgrades inventory
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where not all captain commands were listed on lower resolutions
  • [UBR] Fixed an issue where turret factories showed the wrong turrets sometimes
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On 8/24/2021 at 5:40 PM, koonschi said:

Shield boosters now give a flat bonus to shield instead of a percentage

What's the rationale?

I have played with it for a bit now, and I have to say that don't like this change at all.

With large ships the bonus feels too weak, while with smaller ships, it's terribly overpowered to the point of feeling cheaty. Find an upgrade or two, and basically all it takes is a single unit of Naonite to build a ship that gets you to the barrier...

Just as an example, I have one ship design that scales fairly well from Naonite (or Titanium, before the 'build knowledge' size limitations were introduced) to Xanion regions, but a significant part of its volume had to be dedicated to shield systems, and even a "golden" upgrade added only what – around 66%? Now, that same upgrade easily gets to double the total original amount, with only about a quarter still coming from the actual shield systems, rendering them almost inconsequential.

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