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[2.0.2b] Some feedback.


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-The Crew tab in the ship's menu

The captain's dismiss button needs to be explained.
If you dismiss a captain, they will be moved to the passengers section.
However, there are no tips and explanations in the game for this operation.
What happens to the salary of a captain when he is in the passenger section?
What happens to the captain when the ship sinks?
This can be learned by the user through play.
However, the user will need some information.

-Weapon names, subsystem names.
Wow! That's great!

I have a very hard time with community translation.
Very hard to translate, too. But this is my favorite in v2.0b.

-bounty hunter target names and titles
${target} ${name}
Same problem with American-style currency symbols and European-style currency symbols.
There are a few things that don't translate correctly in this format.

For example...
"Baron Lando Calrissian".
${target}= Baron, ${name}= Lando Calrissian

In the Japanese translation, some titles are placed after the name.

ランド カルリジアン(Lando Calrissian) + 男爵(Baron)

This will be the correct translation X-(

"Baron", "Don", "Admiral", "Captain", "Commander".
These are titles for specific positions or professions.
That's the problem.

Even more of a problem... 
The other titles are fine.
For example.
"The Cavaliers," "The renegades of the Cavaliers."
This can be translated using ${target} ${name}.

Grammar is a tricky thing!

-Seeker Shots type coaxial gun

Coaxial gun will not auto fire in auto target slot.
This is appropriate (if not an error!) .
This is good for preventing friendly fire.

However, some weapons do require auto-firing.
For the Seeker Shots type missile launcher coaxial gun.


-Custom turret size limit
In v2.0b, users need to change the size of the ship in terms of its computing power and building knowledge.
You can build huge ships with more than 15 slots.
At that time, the custom turret becomes a limitation.
The maximum size of a custom turret is 10x10.
Turret body is 15x15x15.
Turret barrel is 45x15x15 (maybe)
This is a very strict limit.
Because the smallest unit is 0.5.

Because if we change the size of the ship.
The size of the custom turret forces a change.
Because it will reject any number other than 0.5.
Therefore, the most valuable custom turret size is ....

0.5x0.5, 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, 8x8

These are the only four patterns. These are the ultimate God's numbers.

Turret size is a parameter of the strength of the weapon.
This is an important parameter, but it is not flexible in building mode.
Because we can't shrink a ship to 90% or enlarge it by 130%!
If the turret base block doesn't conform to God's numbers, then the size of the custom turret will change.
It can be too big or too small...

Is it possible to limit the turret base to just "square"?

-User's ship turret position and autopilot.

NPC AI (user autopilot) is optimized for ships with turrets in all directions.
It is optimized for ships with random generators.
However, it is not suitable for ships with turrets in user specific directions.
This is an old problem.
This is some other feedback from a lot of users
The game has come a long way in v2.0.
The enemy AI has gotten smarter and has rudimentary tactics.
Complaints about old problems can also grow.
Users need to have the option to control autopilot tactics.

The ships I make, mostly Starblazer ships, are old style ships, like ships on water.
All turrets are located on the upper deck.
The girls will need to turn port or starboard to face the enemy.
This is because that is where they are strongest.
The Starblazer Yamato would be a good example.20191107080206_1.thumb.jpg.f88c4725eed5caa7c81e1cc09299ebe5.jpg

I had a solution to this problem.
The autopilot (AI) will try to point the strongest turret at the enemy.
What if that strongest turret is a coaxial gun?
It will point its strongest coaxial gun at the enemy.
If that coaxial gun was on the port or starboard side, it would point the side of the ship at the enemy!
All turrets will shoot the enemy on the side.
But only if she stops (sigh).

Perhaps the developer is working on a new GUI or game system that solves this problem!
Keep up the good work!



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