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Beta 2.0.2 Feedback (Spoilers)


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This is the feedback for Beta 2.0.2. This is for a normal playthrough and now past the barrier and in Avorion space.


  • Fighters improvements are very noticable and positive.
    • Costs are back to what they were in 1.0 which feels much better. A 49k Epic DPS Tesla turret (turret construction cost 60 million) cost 25 mil to make into a fighter and each fighter takes 61k Avorion to construct. Time to construct is 50 minutes. Damage for the fighter is 19k DPS with a speed of 600.
      • The production speed might be too fast for this fighter as it will only take a 50k production facility (which is a cost of 50 million) to make that time one minute per fighter. In 1.0 I used 200k production facilities to construct high end fighters. But overall the balance seems close.
    • The responsiveness of the fighters in combat is great. Time to target was short and they were able to keep up with my battleship as it moved around the map. They really feel like fighters now.
    • Given the other improvements I would probably make them less durable now as killing them takes a while. It takes 10 to 30 seconds to kill one enemy fighter during my post battle mop-up against AI carriers (the carriers themselves die in ~5 seconds). Perhaps take away their dodging ability after their parent carrier is dead.
  • AI ship speeds feel better and more in line of how player ships fly.
  • Auto-pilot combat ships seemed very responsive and were able to get to target quickly.
    • Related to this is AI ship facing. I noticed they tend to not face their target which is fine with many AI ships with guns scattered about the ship. I put almost all of the weapons on the front of the ship which makes facing the target the best choice at all times. Could the auto-pilot ships be programmed to face the target if the bulk of the weapons are front facing? This applies to auto-mining as well.
  • New mining system
    • The results are better (closer to 1.0) but part of this is knowing how the system works and getting that message to the players
      • Mining should always be done with a Mining captain as those produce yields almost 2x as much as other captains. It might be even more with higher level captains.
      • Denser (discovered) star systems yield far more resources than sparse / unidentified systems. In other words scout all of the systems in the area you want to mine. This wasn't important back in the 1.0 days so the players need to get this message.
  • Improvements to the Artifacts is welcome and makes them feel like artifacts.



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