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[Fork / Mod Release] Lead Sight Module


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Hello! It has been a journey adapting SigmatroN's Lead Sight mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2538356784) into a system module, but it is ready!

Lead Sight Module (or LSM) completely tosses the original mod on it's head.

I had some real fun with scripting the functionality of Lead Sight into a system. It is in my eyes, such a powerful capability for your ship to have on board, so it is set to be a very rare module to find! While I was developing this, I explored and implemented a range of randomizers to how the system works.

Upgrades to the original include:

  • Brutal pricing, all scaled against its' stats. Can be worth a LOT of money, 40-50mil at the top end for legendary. You could also get fairly lucky and get a bargain bin variant for only a few mil.
  • LSM fixes an issue with the original mod burning CPU cycles needlessly. It now checks for changes less frequently and filters out invalid targets. I really don't feel the value is there such that you need a lead sight module to hit asteroids at speed....
  • LSM has ongoing notifications to tell you the state of the system
  • LSM will limit itself to active ballistic weapon systems that are NOT set to automatic fire. As with the original, all valid weapon ranges and shot speeds are averaged.
  • LSM does not burn CPU cycles for targets that can't fight back (ie: rocks)
  • LSM comes with a limiter of maximum range for most grades, but there is the possibility to find a module that can calculate out to 100km... woof!
  • LSM introduces a link delay when selecting a new target before showing the leading sight. Rarer modules are faster at linking and "acquiring" the calculations
  • Variable power consumption stats, derived at random. I wanted the system to be a HARD choice for the player to consider against other modules. Although, the stat can require hilarious levels of power consumption. I feel it is fairly balanced for LSM's rarity and what it brings to your ship
  • LSM will overheat periodically when targets are selected for extended periods, due to the incredible amount of heat generated during data processing. Different modules have varying tolerance levels... Hard to cool off in a vacuum you know! Don't worry, LSM will re-engage shortly.
  • Exciting tooltip descriptions, including special flavour text (psst: Easter eggs!)
  • LSM contains some modifications for the drawing of the sight cross from the original. Mostly to alleviate (hide) the issue of the cross being rendered behind objects. Only the largest objects (or closest) continue to have this happen.

Overall, this should make your cannon fire so much more satisfying!

Note that this is untested on multiple player servers. Let me know what quirks out and I'll try to address it. There "might" also be a icon display bug, even though it follows the same formatting as other system modules in the game...

I don't have Steam for this game, so if you are so inclined please proceed to upload it with attribution so others can enjoy!

Avorion.v2.0 Screenshot 2021.08.15 -


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