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[2.0.1] Fighter Production Issue/ Fighter disappearing after start


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1. Created a Turret in my case a R-Mining Turret in a Turret Factory
2. Created a Fighter from that Turret
3. Put the Fighter in The Squadron as Production Blueprint
4. after around 26 min the Fighter is build 

Situation one
I Start a mining order, Fighter Start and disappear

Situation two
I put the Fighter in another Ship and make it a Blueprint same thing after production start the Fighter it disappears

Made the same thing with a Chain Gun everything is fine  (on the own ship it sometimes works)
accept if i put it on another Ship and start it, it directly disappears after the start

I repeated the test with some more guns and directly bought Fighters sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't
Can'f figure out any Pattern

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  • Schmitt changed the title to [2.0.1] Fighter Production Issue/ Fighter disappearing after start

Confirmed that this fixed the issue mostly with my fighters. After the patch I sent out a single fighter to test with which looks like it had a default skin applied to it and it popped out HUGE and can't fit back in the fighter bay now. I manually set a different skin to the rest of the fighters and they worked fine at least.


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  • 2 weeks later...

funny bug ... i couldn't replicate it for me all my Fighters changed there skin to that default one that i can confirm but poped out normal size and after i swiched to the custom skin no problems jet but i will try to replicate it als well ... i play on a hostet server not on a local server if it matters 🙂

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