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[2.0.1b] Turret Auto-Targeting Options Resetting Upon Captain Assigned Missions.


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Any time that I send my Captain controlled ships out on a mission, all turrets (armed, unarmed, and defensive) that are set up to use auto-targeting and are set to either 'Attack Target', 'Autofire', or 'Defensive [Fighters, Torpedoes]' always end up resetting back to the option of 'Controlled By Player'.  Not only is this a hassle to change back over and over again if you like swapping between ships, but it also completely cripples their fighting capabilities when controlled by the AI since in my experience the AI struggles to actually fire any weapons that are equipped with the 'Controlled By Player' setting.  Point-defense turrets are rendered useless, and this is exceedingly dangerous if your ships are ambushed.

To reproduce this, just have a ship with a Captain and set an autofire setting to something that isn't 'Controlled By Player' and send them on a mission.  Once the mission is done, board the ship and check the setting.  I've specifically only been doing 'Mining' or 'Travel' missions but I wouldn't be surprised if this affects more of them.

Since Captain controlled ships can now show themselves while on missions, ideally the turret settings would persist throughout their entire missions as well.

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  • FlashExe changed the title to [2.0.1b] Turret Auto-Targeting Options Resetting Upon Captain Assigned Missions.
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I have a vague belief that turret settings are lost, almost all the time. 
Pre-1.0 I think they were lost when changing ships across sectors.
I imagine the code that saves and loads the turret settings isn't the same code that saves and loads the ships.

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