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Feedback 2.0 Fighters and Enemy ship speeds (08-11-2021 update)


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Something that has always bothered me is the speed of the NPC (enemy ships). These ships (normal difficulty) have enormous speed boosts. They move way faster than they should and can sustain those speeds for very long periods of time. Destroying engine blocks parts on those ships does not seem to impact their speed. An example was when fighting the smuggler boss where I had destroyed about 2/3rds of his engine blocks and he was still flying at 1500 / ms. Note that if you capture enemy ships they have terrible top speeds (even boosted) and maneuverability.

With the new short ranged fighter weapons enemy ships running from the fighters can shoot at the fighters and stay out of fighter weapon range. As fighter top speed is around 600 there is no way to fix this (design wise) as enemy ships in Trin space can easily maintain 800 to 1500 m/s.

This is also an issue with player controlled ships as a) they don't tend to head straight for enemy targets and b) they don't use boost to increase their maximum speed (which is the only way manually controlled player ships can keep up with NPC ships).

My prefered way to handle this would be to expose the NPC speed boost in the settings so they a player can turn set the actual speed boost NPC ships get.

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