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For the most part, I have enjoyed returning to Avorion, especially in a single-player mode and overall it has felt perhaps a lot more enjoyable than it used to feel in many ways.

I've put in roughly over 60 hours over a few days so far, in a Veteran/Free-play with the new progression enabled. Admittedly some of those hours have been poorly spent, idling waiting for ships to do things. Travel is especially a lot simpler in some regards for me with the use of the "Travel" captain command, at least when using the correct captain for the job with a suitable ship, i.e. one with appropriate raw stats and captain traits regarding command ambush risk.

I think my main issue with things as they are, comes in with combat but mostly for a few "niggles", I feel. Maybe it's just me, too.

- As it is, my own AI captained ships seem wonky at the best of times and at the worst of times, try to destroy each other for no apparent reason, something that could hopefully be prevented by putting in some kind of sanity check on the AI targetting friendlies of the same faction, at least.

- Trying to fight certain enemies like the Four has proved very frustrating, because my AI ships will not chase enemies properly and when in range won't even fire their weapons it seems. Adding to that, the enemy AI seems to now manoeuvre incredibly well, to the point that tracking them manually has become very difficult for me, making my battles in general take excessive amounts of time and requiring a lot of chasing and boosting when it wasn't necessary before. I recorded a short video of my experience with my AI ships vs. the Four but admittedly it was a bit of a poor test so I'm not sure it's worth posting...

- Adding to the frustration aspect, enemy AI ships seem to have incredibly good aim and tracking, even with the "Precise Enemies" option set to off, whilst the captains of my ships almost always fire too far ahead of the enemy (when they feel like firing?) and generally only hit enemy ships well when they are at certain oncoming angles of approach. I appreciate writing AI behaviour must be difficult, but I can't say I understand why there's a discrepancy in enemy AI vs player-owned AI in regards to combat effectiveness, for example. I have tried different captains in combat and noticed no difference in that regard.

I think the only other main negative is the usual, lack of ship-building materials. Even with the Free-play option of having ore asteroid numbers vastly increased and with captained ships finding resources, often I can't even meet the minimum requires for a station redesign by a faction, which is a bit annoying, but I live with by just not bothering with that aspect in the end.

If captains can procure goods and torpedoes, I wonder why not ship-building materials, exactly, an action perhaps restricted to miner captains? It seems to be difficult to gather good amounts even with combined mining, salvaging and searches for fresh resource depots. Maybe it would be game-breaking to some, I don't know, I would find it acceptable even if the rates were worse than those of a depot.

Anyway, the best thing for me about the play experience now is that I have felt it's much less of a pain to have a decent amount of credits, even at the start. That has made me feel much more relaxed about losing ships and losing things in general, since I know that I can off-set that to some degree with credits. I just wish combat felt less frustrating, even if the loot balance is feeling rewarding enough for me otherwise.

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I haven't played more than 5 hours, but I already kind of miss the old system of directly commanding a mining expedition sector-to-sector. It wasn't an issue at all, and while I appreciate the prompt for how many resources are actually in the area, I feel like it's a non-issue that didn't need to get fixed.

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