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【2.0b】Some feedback.


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The new Encyclopedia will be useful.
It is hard to read, but I think it has a lot of necessary information.

In some entries, there are differences in keywords.
In community translation, we can make corrections as we translate.
but I think a small check of the original text is needed.

Where I noticed
"Changing Colors".
keyword "color brush".
In the building mode menu, it is "Colors".


"For some professions, like \c(3dd)Pilots\c(), \c(3dd)Attackers\c() or \c(3dd)Security\c(), normal crew can't be assigned. Instead you'll need to hire \c(3dd)Professional Crew\c() at a station."
This "attacker" is "Boarders", isn't it?

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Hyperspace Jumps

You can jump to another sector using your \c(0d0)Hyperspace Engine\c().

Open the \c(0d0)Galaxy Map\c() and select reachable target coordinates by right-clicking a sector.

Then close the map again, turn your ship until it faces the target sector and start boosting in that direction.


What is the purpose of opening the sector menu?
The command "Enter Coordinates Into Navigation Computer" needs to be explained.


\c(0d0)Permanently installed\c() subsystems usually give huge bonuses, but can only be removed close to an \c(0d0)Equipment Dock\c().


There is not enough explanation here.

I think we should add a warning about the destruction of the subsystem.


Map command text.



it is a bit confusing in translation.

Isn't salvage the most appropriate?


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