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I like the game so far, as it provides a new level of difficulty and progression. I felt motivated to stay in Iron/Titanium to get new guns and improve my ship instead of skipping. Previously, it felt like a waste of time to stay in the previous phases when I could just hyperspace to Trinium.

I have noticed a weird glitch when you have multiple ships and you switch to one, your previous ship you controlled will start attacking the one you are using. Almost destroyed one of my ships.

Could you guys add a pilot view block of some sort? It would be nice touch whether it is 'optimal' or not to just be able to fly around in my ship with a cool pilot view instead of a rotating camera. If battle gets tough, then easily switch it to free camera view. Pleeaaasee? =)

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I mostly came on the forum to also mention this issue where our ships will start shooting between themselves, when they had previously been given orders. The only way I find of stopping this is issuing them a stop order again while I'm out of that ship. It's a somewhat annoying bug, especially when it happens with a much more powerful vessel than the rest you own in the sector, since it can obliterate the rest by accident.

Otherwise, I also agree that the new progression feels beneficial to actually wanting to spend more time in lower tech level sectors.

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Posted (edited)

One big problem I have right now is not being able to build big ships due to the processing power thing. I wish engines/thrusters didn't require processing power. Not being able to build bigger ships is kind of a bummer tbh. There's not much point to stockpiling resources anymore. Without having more of a reason to stay in the lower areas other than building knowledge, I feel like I am having to rush to the next phase just to build a decent ship. Even when the ship is decent, it still lacks. If I earn the resources and craft my own weapons I should be able to break the game a little bit. Those who spend more time in phases should be rewarded for the work you put into the game.


Developers, if you are reading this please don't take it out of context. The 2.0 is good and I know creating a system is hard. I am not even sure how to implement a better system for building bigger ships to go along with processing power and building knowledge.

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ACTUALLY. I have an idea! What would be a great option, is if you could have a resource sink if you want to stay in the iron/titanium phase. For example, lets say I can buy an upgrade for 1 million titanium to double the size of my ship without it impacting processing power. That way I would still have to get building knowledge for the next phase to unlock sockets and having a bigger ship won't impact the phase I have already earned. It could be left as an option to those who are okay with their ship and decide to move on, or if you put more work into it you can get into the next phase more prepared. I really hope this is something you could look into. I like to farm and stockpile resources to build big things.

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