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[2.0] Unable to deal damage to wrecks when closer than 0.21km


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- Shooting the station wreck from anything closer than 0.21km does not deal any damage:

- Guns used, starter guns on hardcore:


- Bullets are visible and are visibly hitting, but no damage numbers pop up and no damage is dealt.


- Once you go far away enough and you shoot, damage is dealt again:


- I haven't tested this against alive ships, but had this happen on both station wrecks and ship wrecks. The damage numbers were hard to screenshot, when using PrintScr the damage numbers are not included for some reason, had to use Steam's Screenshot feature.


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It happens only with particle turrets like, cannons, chainguns, launchers, etc.. Beam Turrets works fine in any distance. It happens cuz the velocity of the particle is very fast. More fast is the particle, more distant you need to stay from the target. Don't know why it happens, but I pointed this bug long ago on Avorion's Discord.

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