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Ships from the developer



Greetings, dear developers, everything that will be described below in the proposals you should consider as an approximate or figurative vision of the author, I write with the help of a translator from Russia and therefore some phrases may not be clear.


Today we will talk about ships, as we all know, they are frankly not beautiful, not interesting. Previously, they looked like sticks and crosses,but now they look like barrels assembled from lego.
My suggestion is to make ~10 different groups of ships at the developer level, and at the start of the world, each faction would be given a random group. I have provided a picture of how one group should look (approximately, this is a picture taken from the Internet), all ships from small to large + cargo ships should be in the group.


Free time? My thoughts were about hiring 1 person to develop one group, the workshop is full of talented people who make excellent models of ships, I think that for the sake of such an addition, a small budget could be allocated.
Just make this addon as an addition to the dlc that I wrote before Interaction with planets
In addition to all this, it is worth doing it openly, so that modders could replace something themselves or add new ships/groups without special skills.
Do not think that modders will do it for you, they do it not as a couple, as we would like. For me personally, optimization, quality ratios and resource consumption are important, and those who have a pc on ryzen. pro. max. quant2180 from the future prefer to make ships in a billion polygons and believe that if they have 500fps, then I will have the same with my PhenomX4 (yes, yes, I exist 😄)
Therefore, I would like it all to be done at the developer level, and modders would simply complement it or expand it.

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