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Interaction with planets



Greetings, dear developers, everything that will be described below in the proposals you should consider as an approximate or figurative vision of the author, I write with the help of a translator from Russia and therefore some phrases may not be clear.




What do I want to offer? As the name suggests, this is an interaction with planets. To begin with, you can do the usual interaction for information as in the picture, then you can finalize the landing of shuttles on the planet. For what? Thus, it will be possible to collect resources and any other useful things from the planets + a variety of gameplay.

There is no need to land on the planet and make a mass effect shooter there, the interaction should take place automatically. We capture the planet in the target and select the item we need from the drop-down menu, after which if the planet is not gas, then we send to it a number of landing shuttles that will search there and extract useful things, the more shuttles, the more time it will take to load them, you can fly through space, and the message about the completion of the mission should come to the ship.
1 nuance, the planet first needs to be scanned by a probe, which in turn needs to be bought, information is not taken from the air.

What if the planet is inhabited? The first thing that comes to mind is genocide and subsequent looting, but I also consider trade as with stations in space, it is quite logical.
How to kill? Shuttles collect resources from the planet and can also fight, for the crew on the shuttle, it is ground troops that are required.
The main ground troops are special infantry, but you can also enter more serious combat units into the game like cars and tanks, planes that will destroy the planet for your pleasures. (when fighting happens on the planet, our planet has effects show that, the distance, explosions, etc.)
Cars tanks and planes should be built on board the ship or bought at the stations.
The whole fight on the planet is automatic based on the calculator the strength of your troops and forces troops on the planet, if you fail to destroy the first approach, you can get troops and continue the attack has not yet ran out of your credits or end the power of the planet.

It is also logical that you will not be able to rob inhabited planets at the initial level of the game, this will be available somewhere in the middle and at the end, when your ship will represent at least something more than a toaster, there is also a dependence of the planet's population, the more population, the more powerful the ship is needed.
I also thought about the data of the planet's strength, different types of living beings, whether they are humanoids, reptiles or some other terrible creatures, the strength of the planet should depend on all this.


I know that it is quite simple to implement this, because you already have an example with boarding, but I would like to hear the developer's answer, whether they will think or do something in this direction, or we will be content with what we have.

You can make it a separate addition, I think that people would not mind spending a couple of dollars for such a weighty addition to the game.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ask you to make the vesual effects of explosions and other things more beautiful, they are very lacking.


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This is a great idea.  Sort of like 'away missions' for crew, that you can supplement with trade goods, i.e. munitions, tanks, robots, planes, vehicles, etc.  Maybe have different scenarios where different goods would benefit the away team, with different rewards.   Could be like an economic mini-game gambling etc.

I would draw inspiration from things like planet sieges in 4x games like endless space, or in a game called 'crying suns' where you have away teams led by a named unique character that is an 'officer' with different traits and abilities.  Maybe these could be your 'captains' or 'heros' or something.

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