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"Construction" mode for ships (disabled and no HP degradation for incremental building)



Simply put, a "Construction" mode we can switch ships over to while we build them.  In this mode, the ship will be completely, 100% disabled, but will not suffer HP degradation from lack of mechanics.  In this way, we can work on various ship designs a little at a time and not have to constantly run out for more mechanics as we build it bigger, or stick with it continuously from start to end (risking burnout).

A newly founded ship should perhaps automatically go into this mode.

Oh, and this should apply to stations/mines, too.

I know there's the option of building them in a separate galaxy, but who wants to switch back and forth between a galaxy specifically for building/editing designs and the one they're actually playing on, resulting in their main play galaxy having to be put on hold?

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This would be fantastic, founding large vessels is a very painful experience at the moment as you have to stop frequently to deliver more crew let the academy turn them into professionals, then come back and build a little more. If you could complete the construction with only the cloning bay and academy active, let that come back to the vessel later when you get a notification that it is fully crewed, that would be great. Or perhaps you can do something similar to the periodic payments for station insurance where it charges you for crewman over time then tells you when it is done, but until finished no hull degradation.

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