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Rebalance ship speed & maneuverability (smaller = faster & more nimble)



Please consider making smaller ships (generally) faster and more maneuverable than larger ships.  I can't find the thread anymore (Found it.  See below at #7, 2nd reply on that thread), but there once existed an old post here on these forums that suggested adjusting speed and maneuverability for ships by up to x2 for the smallest and x0.25 for the largest, scaling in between (I'm not sure if those numbers would work/are the best, but they're a start).  These adjustments should be based on mass.

Reasoning and effects on gameplay:

  1. First of all, there's the realism aspect.  Yes, larger ships in reality do have the potential for higher max speeds.  However, realistically speaking, they would not be able to maneuver (spin) as fast as smaller ships due to the inertial forces on the structure and crew of the craft.  This does technically apply to acceleration/deceleration, too (larger is slower), but I believe this kind of already is a reality in this game, though it may still need further adjustments.
  2. Making larger ships slower and more cumbersome vs smaller ships would also give some level of utility and survivability to smaller craft.  As current, larger is better in all regards except one: flying through/maneuvering around densely packed areas (ships, stations, and asteroid fields).  Course, we have docking, now, so this is also largely mitigated by carrying a smaller ship with you.  (Edit: Ok, I guess crew costs, too, but this is mitigated by the fact that your income should be able to support this by that stage of the game.)
  3. This would also give Independent Targeting turrets more utility/make them more useful.  As current, they really only work well if you park your ship (or purposely design it to nerf its maneuverability), as turret tracking is not good enough to deal with the current high speed whipping around you often end up doing.
  4. Combat will more likely get focused in one central area vs spread out over hundreds of kms (think about going back and claiming that loot/wreckage...).  It'll also look and feel more natural (vs seeing Mount Everest sized objects dancing around each other) and will be easier to keep track of.
  5. If done, top speeds for large ships would have to be nerfed despite realistically being able to achieve high speeds due to densely packed areas (ships, stations, asteroid fields).  You could instead have this as a "zone" around objects/from center of sector, but in order for it to not be exploitable/cause grief, it'd have to be dynamic based on your speed, heading, and deceleration rate, which could add all sorts of overhead to game processing.  As is, though, the only need for speed anymore would be getting from one side of a sector to another, and with the new docking mechanism, you could carry smaller ships with you to help mitigate this.
    • Alternatively, even, you could lower the max speed of normal engine flight while not implementing these restrictions on boost flight.  Boost would still need to have its acceleration decreased and then NPC ships would have to be smarter about its use or not use it all.
  6. (Edit) Also if done, weapon ranges may need to see some adjustments to account for larger ships being slower.  IE, range scaling for weapon size may need to be increased, possibly even give everything a general increase.
  7. (Edit) An old thread with some good points and I feel much of it still applies:
  8. (Edit) Great point someone else below made:
    6 hours ago, LappLancer said:

    Also please adapt the AI ships for different sizes, small ships should be constantly moving in order to avoid being hit


I'll add more as I think of it or other points are raised from others.

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Make Directional/maneuvering thrusters mean something when a ship is smaller.
When I see incoming fire, I want to be able to dodge and jink around for survivability.  Obviously a solid shot from a railgun isn't something you can dodge, but most other things you should be able to.


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